Analytic Element Modeling of Groundwater Flow


  • H. Haitjema, Indiana University


Researchers and graduate students in groundwater hydrology, geology, and engineering.


Book information

  • Published: September 1995
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-316550-3


"Analytic Element Modeling of Groundwater Flow offers much more than one might anticipate from its title. It is an excellent tutorial on the subjects of groundwater flow and modeling groundwater with the analytic element method. I greatly enjoyed reading it, and I recommend it to any student of groundwater hydrology, as well as to researchers and professionals concerned with modeling regional groundwater flow in productive aquifers."
--EOS of American GeophysicalUnion

"This book provides a comprehensive introduction to analytic element modeling, emphasizing the actual use of such models....It is well written and instructional, with later chapters building upon concepts presented in earlier chapters....The author effectively utilizes ancillary tools to complement the text. These include numerous figures (both hand-drawn and computer generated) and thought-provoking exercises....The book and accompanying software are excellent resources for researchers, practicing professionals, and graduate students involved in ground water modeling."

Table of Contents

Introduction. Basic Concepts: Darcy's Law. Continuity of Flow. Laplace's Equation. Dupuit-Forchheimer Flow: Elementary Solutions. Areal Recharge. Multiple Aquifers. Heterogeneous Aquifers. Approximate Vertical Flow. Transient Flow. Complex Potential Theory. Three-Dimensional Flow: Basic Equations. Three-Dimensional Confined Flow. Combined Two- and Three-Dimensional Flow. Analytic Element Modeling: The Analytic Element Method. The Program GFLOW1. Basic Modeling Concepts. Field Applications: Wellhead Protection. Fate of Contaminants. Drawdown Predictions. Bibliography. Subject Index.