Study Guide and Laboratory Exercises for Technology for Diagnostic Sonography

1st Edition


Key Features

    • Laboratory exercises teach you the function of operator controls and how to optimize image quality and practice ALARA, and include step-by-step instructions for scanner operation, for hands-on application and practice.

    • 250 review questions help you assess your understanding of sonography physics and instrumentation, and identify areas of knowledge that may need further study.
    • Key Points at the beginning of each chapter emphasize the most important sonography principles that you need to understand and apply.

    Table of Contents

    Section I: Fundamental Concepts

    1. Properties of Sound Waves

    2. Interactions of Ultrasound with Tissue

    3. Intensity

    4. Single Element Transducers: Properties

    5. Single Element Transducers: Transmission and Echo Reception

    6. Static Imaging

    7. Image Formation in Real-Time Ultrasound

    8. Real-Time Ultrasound Transducers

    9. Real-Time Ultrasound Instrumentation

    10. Digital Signal and Image Processing

    11. Image Quality in Real-Time Ultrasound

    12. Real-Time Image Artifacts

    13. Doppler Physics and Instrumentation

    14. Pulsed-Wave Doppler Spectral Analysis

    15. Doppler Imaging

    16. M-Mode

    17. Clinical Safety

    18. Performance Testing

    Appendix A: Computer

    Appendix B: Hemodynamics

    Appendix C: Contrast Agents

    Section II: Laboratory Exercises

    Lab 1 Display Depth, Frame Rate, Freeze Frame, Cine Loop

    Lab 2 Overall Gain and Output Power

    Lab 3 Time Gain Compensation

    Lab 4 Frequency and Penetration

    Lab 5 Transmit Focus

    Lab 6 Magnification (Write Zoom)

    Lab 7 Dynamic Range

    Lab 8 Persistence

    Lab 9 Gray-Scale Mapping

    Lab 10 Distance and Area Measurements

    Lab 11 Doppler Controls I

    Lab 12 Doppler Controls II

    Lab 13 Doppler Angle to Flow

    Lab 14 Nyquist Limit and Aliasing

    Lab 15 Color Controls I

    Lab 16 Color Controls II

    Lab 17 Application Presets

    Lab 18 Tissue-Mimicking Pphantom

    Section III: Review Tests

    Review Questions

    Answers to Review Questions with Explanations

    Glossary of Key Terms


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