Studies in the Psychology of Sex

Studies in the Psychology of Sex

Volume 2

1st Edition - January 1, 1937

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  • Author: Havelock Ellis
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483225029

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Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume II presents studies that explore the psychology of sex by addressing topics ranging from erotic symbolism and the mechanism of detumescence to the psychic state in pregnancy. Eonism and sex in relation to society are also discussed. Divided into three parts, this volume first deals with erotic symbolism, focusing on erotic fetishism such as foot-fetishism and shoe-fetishism, and scatalogic symbolism. The reader is then introduced to the mechanism and object of detumescence; the constituents of semen; and the aptitude for detumescence. Erogenous zones and erection and mucous emission in women are also considered. The final section is devoted to the psychic state in pregnancy and pays particular attention to the relationship of maternal and sexual emotion; conception and loss of virginity; the pervading effects of pregnancy; the longings of pregnant women; and the significance of pregnancy. This book will be of interest to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, and educators.

Table of Contents

  • Erotic Symbolism


    The Definition of Erotic Symbolism

    Symbolism of Act and Symbolism of Object

    Erotic Fetichism

    Wide Extension of the Symbols of Sex

    The Immense Variety of Possible Erotic Fetiches

    The Normal Foundations of Erotic Symbolism

    Classification of the Phenomena

    The Tendency to Idealize the Defects of a Beloved Person

    Stendhal's "Crystallization


    Foot-Fetichism and Shoe-Fetichism

    Wide Prevalence and Normal Basis

    Restif de la Bretonne

    The Foot a Normal Focus of Sexual Attraction Among Some Peoples

    The Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, etc.

    The Congenital Predisposition in Erotic Symbolism

    The Influence of Early Association and Emotional Shock

    Shoe-Fetichism in Relation to Masochism

    The Two Phenomena Independent Though Allied

    The Desire to be Trodden On

    The Fascination of Physical Constraint

    The Symbolism of Self-Inflicted Pain

    The Dynamic Element in Erotic Symbolism

    The Symbolism of Garments


    Scatalogic Symbolism



    The Ascetic Attitude Towards the Flesh

    Normal Basis of Scatalogic Symbolism Scatalogic Conceptions Among Primitive Peoples

    Urine as a Primitive Holy Water

    Sacredness of Animal Excreta

    Scatalogy in Folk-Lore

    The Obscene as Derived from the Mythological

    The Immature Sexual Impulse Tends to Manifest Itself in Scatalogic Forms

    The Basis of Physiological Connection Between the Urinary and Genital Spheres

    Urinary Fetichism Sometimes Normal in Animals

    The Urolagnia of Masochists

    The Seatalogy of Saints, Urolagnia More Often a Symbolism of Act Than a Symbolism of Object

    Only Occasionally an Olfactory Fetichism

    Comparative Rarity of Coprolagnia

    Influence of Nates Fetichism as a Transition to Coprolagnia

    Ideal Copro-


    The Object of Detumescence

    Erogenous Zones

    The Lips

    The Vascular Characters of Detumescence

    Erectile Tissue

    Erection in Woman

    Mucous Emission in Women

    Sexual Connection

    The Human Mode of Intercourse

    Normal Variations

    The Motor Characters of Detumescence


    The Virile Reflex

    The Greneral Phenomena of Detumescence

    The Circulatory and Respiratory Phenomena

    Blood Pressure

    Cardiac Disturbance

    Glandular Activity. Distillatio

    The Essentially Motor Character of Detumescence

    Involuntary Muscular Irradiation to Bladder, etc.

    Erotic Intoxication

    Analogy of Sexual Detumescence and Vesical Tension

    The Specifically Sexual Movements of Detumescence in Man

    In Woman

    The Spontaneous Movements of the Genital Canal in Woman

    Their Function in Conception

    Part Played by Active Movement of the Spermatozoa

    The Artificial Injection of Semen

    The Facial Expression During Detumescence

    The Expression of Joy

    The Occasional Serious Effects of Coitus


    The Constituents of Semen

    Function of the Prostate

    The Properties of Semen


    Alcohol, Opium, etc.


    The Stimulant Influence of Semen in Coitus

    The Internal Effects of Testicular Secretions

    The Influence of Ovarian Secretion


    The Aptitude for Detumeseenee

    Is There an Erotic Temperament?

    The Available Standards of Comparison

    Characteristics of the Castrated

    Characteristics of Puberty

    Characteristics of the State of Detumescence

    Shortness of Stature

    Development of the Secondary Sexual Characters

    Deep Voice

    Bright Eyes

    Glandular Activity

    Everted Lips


    Profuse Hair

    Dubious Significance of Many of These Characters

    The Psychic State in Pregnancy

    The Relationship of Maternal and Sexual Emotion

    Conception and Loss of Virginity

    The Anciently Accepted Signs of This Condition

    The Pervading Effects of Pregnancy on the Organism


    The Blood and Circulation

    The Thyroid

    Changes in the Nervous System

    The Vomiting of Pregnancy

    The Longings of Pregnant Women

    Mental Impressions

    Evidence for and Against Their Validity

    The Question Still Open

    Imperfection of Our Knowledge

    The Significance of Pregnancy


    Histories of Sexual Development

    Index of Authors

    Index of Subjects

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  • No. of pages: 760
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1937
  • Published: January 1, 1937
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483225029

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