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Studies in the Psychology of Sex - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483199986, 9781483225012

Studies in the Psychology of Sex

1st Edition

Volume 1

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Author: Havelock Ellis
eBook ISBN: 9781483225012
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st January 1942
Page Count: 1444
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Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume I presents studies that explore the psychology of sex by addressing topics ranging from the evolution of modesty to the phenomenon of sexual periodicity, auto-erotism, and sexual impulse. The relationship between love and pain, sexual impulse in women, and sexual selection are also discussed, along with sexual inversion.

Divided into four parts, this volume first deals with the evolution of modesty and variations in modesty among different peoples and in different ages. The reader is then introduced to the phenomenon of sexual periodicity, with emphasis on menstruation and its relation to ovulation; the various physiological and psychological rhythms; and the predominance of sexual excitement at and around the menstrual period. Subsequent chapters focus on auto-erotism and spontaneous manifestations of the sexual impulse; the link between love and pain; sexual impulse in women; and sexual selection. The book also analyzes the theory and nature of sexual inversion before concluding with an overview of relevant subjects such as homosexuality, castration, psychoanalysis, and marriage.

This monograph will be of interest to physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, and educators.

Table of Contents

The Evolution of Modesty

I .

The Definition of Modesty

The Significance of Modesty

Difficulties in the Way of Its Analysis

The Varying Phenomena of Modesty Among Different Peoples and in Different Ages


Modesty an Agglomeration of Fears

Children in Relation to Modesty

Modesty in Animals

The Attitude of the Medicean Venus

The Sexual Factor of Modesty Based on Sexual Periodicity and on the Primitive Phenomena of Courtship

The Necessity of Seclusion in Primitive Sexual Intercourse

The Meaning of Coquetry

The Sexual Charm of Modesty

Modesty as an Expression of Feminine Erotic Impulse

The Fear of Causing Disgust as a Factor of Modesty

The Modesty of Savages in Regard to Eating in the Presence of Others

The Sacro-Pubic Region as a Focus of Disgust

The Idea of Ceremonial Uncleanliness

The Custom of Veiling the Face

Ornaments and Clothing

Modesty Becomes Concentrated in the Garment

The Economic Factor in Modesty

The Contribution of Civilization to Modesty

The Elaboration of Social Ritual


The Blush the Sanction of Modesty

The Phenomena of Blushing

Influences Which Modify the Aptitude to Blush

Darkness, Concealment of the Face, Etc


Summary of the Factors of Modesty

The Future of Modesty

Modesty an Essential Element of Love

The Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity


The Various Physiological and Psychological Rhythms


The Alleged Influence of the Moon

Frequent Suppression of Menstruation Among Primitive Races


Possible Tendency to a Future Intermenstrual Cycle

Menstruation Among Animals

Menstruating Monkeys and Apes

What is Menstruation

Its Primary Cause Still Obscure

The Relation of Menstruation to Ovulation

The Occasional Absence of Menstruation in Health

The Relation of Menstruation to "Heat"

The Prohibition of Intercourse During Menstruation

The Predominance of Sexual Excitement at and Around the Menstrual Period

Its Absence During the Period Frequently Apparent only


The Question of a Monthly Sexual Cycle in Men

The Earliest Suggestions of a General Physiological Cycle in Men

Periodicity in Disease

Insanity, Heart Disease, etc.

The Alleged Twenty-Three Days' Cycle

The Physiological Periodicity of Seminal Emissions During Sleep

Original Observations

Fortnightly and Weekly Rhythms


The Annual Sexual Rhythm

In Animals

In Man

Tendency of the Sexual Impulse to Become Heightened in Spring and Autumn

The Prevalence of Seasonal Erotic Festivals

The Feast of Fools

The Easter and Midsummer Bonfires

The Seasonal Variations in Birthrate

The Causes of those Variations

The Typical Conception-Rate Curve for Europe

The Seasonal Periodicity of Seminal Emissions During Sleep

Original Observations

Spring and Autumn the Chief Periods of Involuntary Sexual Excitement

The Seasonal Periodicity of Rapes

Of Outbreaks Among Prisoners

The Seasonal Curves of Insanity and Suicide

The Growth of Children According to Season

The Annual Curve of Bread-Consumption in Prisons

Seasonal Periodicity of Scarlet Fever

The Underlying

Causes of these Seasonal Phenomena

Auto-Erotism : A Study of the Spontaneous Manifestations of the Sexual Impulse.


Definition of Auto-Erotism

Masturbation Only Covers a Small Portion of the Auto-Erotic Field

The Importance of this Study, Especially To-Day

Auto-Erotic Phenomena in Animals

Among Savage and Barbaric Races

The Japanese rin-no-tama and Other Special Instruments for Obtaining Auto-Erotic Gratification

Abuse of the Ordinary Implements and Objects of Daily Life

The Frequency of Hairpin in the Bladder

The Influence of Horse-Exercise and Railway Traveling

The Sewing-Machine and the Bicycle

Spontaneous Passive Sexual Excitement

Delectatio Morosa



Sexual Excitement During Sleep

Erotic Dreams

The Analogy of Nocturnal Enuresis

Differences in the Erotic Dreams of Men and Women

The Auto-Erotic Phenomena of Sleep in the Hysterical

Their Frequently Painful Character


Hysteria and the Question of Its Relation to the Sexual Emotions

The Early Greek Theories of its Nature and Causation

The Gradual Rise of Modern Views


The Revolt Against Charcot's Too Absolute Conclusions

Fallacies Involved

Charcot's Attitude the Outcome of his Personal Temperament

Breuer and Freud

Their Views Supplement and Complete Charcot's

At the Same Time they Furnish a Justification for the Earlier Doctrine of Hysteria

But They Must Not be Regarded as Final

The Diffused Hysteroid Condition in Normal Persons

The Physiological Basis of Hysteria

True Pathological Hysteria is Linked on to Almost Normal States, Especially to Sex-Hunger


The Prevalence of Masturbation

Its Occurrence in Infancy and Childhood.

Is it More Frequent in Males or Females?

After Adolescence Apparently More Frequent in Women

Reasons for the Sexual Distribution of Masturbation

The Alleged Evils of Masturbation

Historical Sketch of the Views Held on This Point

The Symptoms and Results of Masturbation

Its Alleged Influence in Causing Eye Disorders

Its Relation to Insanity and Nervous Disorders

The Evil Effects of Masturbation Usually Occur on the Basis of a Congenitally Morbid Nervous System

Neurasthenia Probably the Commonest Accompaniment of Excessive Masturbation

Precocious Masturbation Tends to Produce Aversion to Coitus

Psychic Results of Habitual Masturbation

Masturbation in Men of Genius

Masturbation as a Nervous Sedative

Typical Cases

The Greek Attitude Toward Masturbation

Attitude of the Catholic Theologians

The Mohammedan Attitude

The Modern Scientific Attitude

In What Sense is Masturbation Normal ?

The Immense Part in Life Played by Transmuted Auto-Erotic Phenomena

Appendix A.

The Influence of Menstruation on the Position of Women

Appendix B.

Sexual Periodicity in Men

Appendix C.

The Auto-Erotic Factor in Religion




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1st January 1942
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