Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Volume 35

1st Edition

Authors: Atta-ur-Rahman
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444531810
eBook ISBN: 9780080569840
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 24th July 2008
Page Count: 966
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Table of Contents

R. DANIEL LITTLE AND GISELE A. NISHIGUCHI: Synthetic efforts toward, and biological activity of, thyrsiferol and structurally-related analogues KATSUHIRO UEDA AND DAISUKE UEMURA: Bioactive marine metabolites from okinawan waters MARIA JOSE ABAD MARTINEZ, LUIS MIGUEL BEDOYA DEL OLMO AND PAULINA BERMEJO BENITO: Natural marine antiviral products VLADIMIR I. KALININ, DMITRY L. AMININ, SERGEY A. AVILOV, ALEXANDRA S. SILCHENKO AND VALENTIN A. STONIK: Triterpene glycosides from sea cucumbers (holothurioidea, echinodermata) XIAOHONG LIU, FANG XU, CHANGLUN SHAO, ZHIGANG SHE, YONGCHENG LIN AND WING LAI CHAN: Bioactive metabolites from marine microorganisms MARTA S. MAIER: Biological activities of sulfated glycosides from echinoderms TOM TURK, KRISTINA SEPÈIC, INES MANCINI AND GRAZIANO GUELLA: 3-Aklypyridinium and 3-alkylpyridine compounds from marine sponges, their synthesis, biological activities, and potential use SHANTA S. BHAR AND M.M.V. RAMANA: Novel domino reactions for synthesis of bioactive diterpenoids and alkaloids GAIL B. MAHADY, YUE HUANG, BRIAN J. DOYLE AND TRACIE LOCKLEAR: Natural products as antibacterial agents MARIA JOSE ABAD MARTINEZ, RUBÉN MARTÍN LAZARO, LUIS MIGUEL BEDOYA DEL OLMO AND PAULINA BERMEJO BENITO: Anti-infectious activity in the anthemideae tribe RAKESH MAURYA, GEETU SINGH AND PREM P. YADAV: Antiosteoporotic agents from natural sources ELIANA RODRIGUES, RICARDO TABACH, JOSÉ CARLOS F. GALDURÓZ AND GIUSEPPINA NEGRI: Plants with possible anxiolytic and/or hypnotic effects indicated by three Brazilian cultures – Indians, afro-Brazilians, and river-dwellers SIRLEI DAFFRE, PH


This volume presents frontier reviews of recent developments in bioactive natural products in cutting-edge areas by eminent experts in their respective fields. It is an essential addition to this important series on Natural Products Chemistry, generally acknowledged to be the leading series on this topic.

Key Features

The first seven reviews cover recent developments in the field of bioactive marine natural products. Additional coverage includes Novel Domino reactions; medicinal plants and phytochemicals; recent developments in bioactive natural peptides; the chemistry and pharmacology of natural cyclic lipopeptides; and the biological activities of Salvia . The text includes a comprehensive review of biologically active compounds of semi-metals such as boron, silicon, arsenic, selenium and tellurium.


Natural product chemists, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists as well as researchers particularly those in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry


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