Many aspects of basic research programmes are intimately related to natural products. With articles written by leading authorities in their respective fields of research, Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Volume 30 presents current frontiers and future guidelines for research based on important discoveries made in the field of bioactive natural products. It is a valuable source for researchers and engineers working in natural product, and medicinal chemistry.

Key Features

* Describes the chemistry of bioactive natural products * Contains contributions by leading authorities in the field * A valuable source for researchers and engineers working in natural product, and medicinal chemistry


Researchers in academia and industry involved in Natural Product Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Table of Contents

Synthetic routes to discodermolide and pironetin: Two immunosuppressive and antitumoral agents (J. Cossy, S. Bouzbouz).
Antitumor and vascular physiological effects of natural products (Yoshiyuki Kimura).
Anti-obesity effects of natural products (L.-K. Han et al.).
Bioactive phenolic lipids (A. Kozubek, J.H.P. Tyman).
The use of natural products as sources of new analgesic drugs (R.A. Yunes et al.).
Acid-treatment of arylpropanoid and arylethanoid derivatives – Access to natural and synthetic biologically active polyphenols (P. Cotelle).
Labiatae flavonoids and their bioactivity (A. Ulubelen et al.).
Biological activity of quinones (M.J.A. Martínez, P.B. Benito).
Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) and the etiology of autism (M. Ruiz-Rubio, L.A. McInnes).
Antiviral activities of polysaccharides from natural sources (M.J.A. Martinez et al.).
Recent advances in the chemistry of bioactive 3-deoxy-ulosonic acids (A. Banaszek, J. Mlynarski).
Structure-activity relationships of naturally occurring active forms of vitamin D analogues (Yoji Tachibana, Masahiro Tsuji).
Charged carotenoid species (S. Liaaen-Jensen, B. Frode Lutnaes).
Bioactive constituents of the genus Hernandia (Jian-Qiao Gu, A.D. Kinghorn).
A survey on the hypericum genus: Secondary metabolites and bioactivity (P. Avato).
Bioactive triterpenes and related compounds from celastraceae (N. Alvarenga, E.A. Ferro).
Biologically active substan


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@qu: "This book is a valuable treatise on many natural products, and it can serve as a source of ideas for generating new therapeutic agents." @source: Robert J. Krueger, Ferris State University, Michigan, USA, JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, Vol. 48, No. 15, 2005