Despite advances in the field of geotechnical earthquake engineering, earthquakes continue to cause loss of life and property in one part of the world or another. The Third International Conference on Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 22nd to 24th June 1987, provided an opportunity for participants from all over the world to share their expertise to enhance the role of mechanics and other disciplines as they relate to earthquake engineering. The edited proceedings of the conference are published in four volumes. This volume covers: Structures, Dams, Retaining Walls and Slopes, Underground Structures, and Stochastic Methods. Together with its companion volumes, it is hoped that it will contribute to the further development of techniques, methods and innovative approaches in soil dynamics and earthquake engineering.

Table of Contents

1. Structures. Site response and liquefaction studies involving the centrifuge (B. Hushmand et al.). Seismic design guidelines for an access bridge to an offshore airport (K. Toki, S. Motoyama). Influence of site liquefaction on seismic design of bridge foundations (I. Lam et al.). Refined algorithms for the analysis of earthquake loaded tanks (F.D. Fischer et al.). Response of a sliding structure to earthquake excitation (L. Su et al.). Nonstationary random vibration of nonlinear structures under earthquake excitations (D. Tan, H. Guo). Characterization of inelastic seismic response via the integral of the squared acceleration (B. Westermo). A model for the seismic damage prediction of woodframed houses and an examination into the appropriateness of the model (K. Yamada, M. Ichihara). Identification of a restoring force model by EK-WGI procedure (M. Hoshiya, O. Maruyama). Damage assessment from earthquake records (E. Di Pasquale, A.S. Cakmak). 2. Dams, Retaining Walls and Slopes. On the dynamic behavior of tied-back retaining walls (T.J. Siller et al.). Seismic performance of flexible retaining walls supporting dry cohesionless soils (R. Siddharthan, E. Maragakis). Effects of foundation faults on dynamic characteristics of gravity dams (K. Sun, Y. Zhang). Hydrodynamic pressure on dams with finite reservoir and nonvertical upstream face (J. Avilés, A.J.J. Dubravcic). Boundary element method for couple D vibration analysis of dam-water system (H-J. Zhou et al.). 3. Underground Structures. Responses of buried pipelines including manholes in a soil liquefaction environment (L.R.L. Wang et al.). Modeling water supply systems for earthquake response analysis (C.H. Trautman et al.). Fire losses from earthquakes: state of the art (C. Scawthorn). Performance of buried lifelines during the 10 October 1986 San Salvador earthquake (J.R. Morgan). Design consideration for pipelines buried through fault zone (Y-J. Ye


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