The results of a special research project carried out for "Molecular Approaches to Non-equilibrium Process in Solution" were presented during The 42nd Yamada Conference on "Structure, Fluctuation and Relaxation in Solution" which was held from 11-15 December, 1994. The following topics were discussed at the conference:

1. Solvation Dynamics

2. Relaxation, Fluctuation and Reaction Dynamics

3. Dynamic Structure and Reaction Mechanisms in Solutions. These topics were the main concern of this conference.

Table of Contents

A selection of papers. Molecular theory of solvation processes in dipolar and non-dipolar solvents (H.L. Friedman et al.). The interplay of dielectric and mechanical relaxation in solvation dynamics (B.J. Schwartz, P.J. Rossky). Ultrafast measurements of the dynamics of solvation in polar and non-dipolar solvents (J. Gardecki et al.). The structure and dynamics of aqueous solutions containing complex molecules (A.C. Barnes et al.). Liquid-liquid phase separations and critical behavior of electrolyte solutions driven by long-range and short-range interactions (H. Weingärtner, W. Schröer). Slow relaxation in pure and binary frozen-in systems (H. Suga). Spatial correlations in reaction-diffusion systems in non equilibrium conditions (K. Seki, K. Kitahara). Time-resolved resonance Raman study of the recombination dynamics photodissociated carbon monoxide to sperm whale myoglobin and its mutants (S. Nakashimia et al.). Extremely slow reorientation dynamics of molecular tracers in glassy polymers (Q. Tran-Cong et al.). Collective vibrational dynamics of simple liquids (M. Buchner, T. Dorfmüller). Dynamical aspects of water by low-frequency Raman scattering (Y. Tominaga et al.). Polarization effect on the static and dynamic properties of molten lithium iodide (S. Itoh, P.A. Madden). Evaluation of thermodynamic quantities of fluid mixtures by the PY equation (F. Kawaizumi et al.). Ground state recovery of phenol blue in fluids near the gas-liquid critical density (Y. Kimura, N. Hirota).


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