Structure and Dynamics of Macromolecules: Absorption and Fluorescence Studies is clearly written and contains invaluable examples, coupled with illustrations that demonstrate a comprehensible analysis and presentation of the data. This book offers practical information on the fundamentals of absorption and fluorescence, showing that it is possible to interpret the same result in different ways. It is an asset to students, professors and researchers wishing to discover or use absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, and to scientists working on the structure and dynamics of macromolecules.

Key Features

* Offers concise information on the fundamentals of absorption and fluorescence * Critically reviews examples taken from previously published literature * Highly illustrated, it is suitable for academic and institutional libraries and government laboratories


Academic and institutional libraries, government laboratories and scientists working in absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, and on the structure and dynamics of macromolecules

Table of Contents

Light absorption by a molecule
Jablonski diagram or diagram of electronic transitions.
Singlet and triplet states.
Forbidden and non forbidden transitions.
Reading the Jablonski diagram.
Chemical bonds.
Absorption Spectroscopy.
Fluorescence: Principles and observables
Fluorescence properties.
Fluorophores: Descriptions and properties.
Types of fluorophores.
Effect of the environment on the fluorescence observables.
Fluorescence quenching
Collisional quenching: the Stern-Volmer relation.
The different types of dynamic quenching.
Static quenching.
Comparison between dynamics and static quenching.
Combination of dynamic and static quenching.
Thermal intensity quenching.
Fluorescence polarization
Aim and definition.
Principles of polarization or of photoselection.
Absorption transitions and excitation polarization spectrum.
Fluorescence depolarization.
Fluorescence anisotropy decay time.
Depolarization and energy transfer.
Forster energy transfer
Energy transfer


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