Probabilistic structural dynamics offers unparalleled tools for analyzing uncertainties in structural design. Once avoided because it is mathematically rigorous, this technique has recently remerged with the aide of computer software. Written by an author/educator with 40 years of experience in structural design, this user friendly manual integrates theories, formulas and mathematical models to produce a guide that will allow professionals to quickly grasp concepts and start solving problems. In this book, the author uses simple examples that provide templates for creating of more robust case studies later in the book.

Key Features

*Problems are presented in an easy to understand form *Practical guide to software programs to solve design problems *Packed with examples and case studies of actual projects *Classical and the new stochastic factors of safety


Structural Engineers, Bridge Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Architects

Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter 1. Some Basics of the Theory of Vibrations Chapter 2. Dynamic Response of a Slender Beam to Deterministic Excitation Chapter 3. Dynamic Response of a Structure to Random Excitation Chapter 4. Contacts In Structural Systems Chapter 5. Non-Deterministic Behavior of Structures Chapter 6. Random Crack Propagation Chapter 7. Design Criteria Chapter 8. Some Important Computer Programs for Structural Analysis Chapter 9 Conclusions ? Do and Don't Do in Dynamic and Probabilistic Analyses Appendix: Computer Files for the Demonstration Problems Files for Chapter 1 Files for Chapter 2 Files for Chapter 3 Files for Chapter 4 Files for Chapter 5 Files for Chapter 6 Files for Chapter 7


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