Structural and Tectonic Modelling and its Application to Petroleum Geology

Structural and Tectonic Modelling and its Application to Petroleum Geology

Proceedings of Norwegian Petroleum Society Workshop, 18-20 October 1989, Stavanger, Norway

1st Edition - September 11, 1992

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  • Editors: R.M. Larsen, H. Brekke, B.T. Larsen, E. Talleraas
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483291055

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This monograph presents a unique combination of structural and tectonic modelling with applied petroleum geological problems. Focussing on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and neighbouring areas, it includes discussion covering all scales - from development of sedimentary basins, to formation of fractures and joints on a microscale - and from exploration, to the exploitation of hydrocarbons. The book's coverage of structural and tectonic modelling, petroleum geology applications, and the treatment of the Norwegian Continental Shelf should make this book an invaluable resource book for advanced students of structural and tectonic modelling, teachers, and researchers; as well as for geologists and geophysicists in the petroleum industry.

Table of Contents

  • Preface. List of Contributors. Regional Tectonics and Basin History. Geodynamic modelling of the Danish Central Trough (O.V. Vejbæk). A tectonostratigraphic analysis of the southeast Norwegian North Sea Basin (S. Sørensen, H. Morizot, S. Skottheim). Tectonic modelling of the northern North Sea using program RIFT (S. Lippard, G. Liu). Vøring Basin: subsidence and tectonic evolution (J. Skogseid, T. Pedersen, V.B. Larsen). The orientation of minor fault plane striae and the associated deviatoric stress tensor as a key to the fault geometry in part of the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Zone, on-shore central Norway (D. Bering). Extensional tectonic history of the western Barents Sea (C.A. Dengo, K.G. Røssland). Tectonic framework and halokinesis of the Nordkapp Basin, Barents Sea (L.N. Jensen, K. Sørensen). Interaction between halokinesis and faulting: structuring of the margins of the Nordkapp Basin, Barents Sea region (R.H. Gabrielsen, O.S. Kløvjan, A. Rasmussen, T. Stølan). Seismostratigraphic study of a synrift megasequence, from the Barents Sea, northern Norway (K. Gerdes, J. Hurst, R. Jeans). Tertiary uplift and erosion in the Barents Sea; magnitude timing and consequences (B. Nyland, L.N. Jensen, J. Skagen, O. Skarpnes, T. Vorren). On the magnitude of the Late Tertiary and Quaternary erosion and its significance for the uplift of Scandinavia and the Barents Sea (F. Riis, W. Fjeldskaar). Pleistocene glacial isostasy implications for petroleum geology (A. Kjemperud, W. Fjeldskaar). The Application of Tectonic and Structural Analysis to Hydrocarbon Accumulation. Structural style and the habitat of hydrocarbons in the North Sea (I.J. Stewart, R.P. Rattey, I.R. Vann). Restoration of a regional profile across the Magnus Field in the northern North Sea (R. Young). Patterns in the development of extensional fault-block shapes from comparison of outcrop-scale faults and experimental physical models (S.E. Laubach, B.C. Vendeville, S.J. Reynolds). Complex hanging-wall deformation above an extensional detachment - example: Gullfaks Field, northern North Sea (A.G. Koestler, A.G. Milnes, A. Storli). Physical changes in fault blocks caused by rotation and their implications for hydrocarbon accumulations (J.E. Iliffe, I. Lerche, K. Nakayama). Techniques for the geometrical restoration of sections: an example from the Bjørnøya Basin, Barents Sea shelf (A. Beach, M.G. Rowan). Numerical Simulation of Jointed and Faulted Rock Behaviour for Petroleum Reservoirs (A.G. Koestler, A. Makurat, N. Barton, K. Monsen). Footwall uplift during normal faulting - implications for structural geometries in the North Sea (G. Yielding, A. Roberts). Modelling secondary hydrocarbon migration in Haltenbanken, Norway (L. Hermans, A.D. van Kuyk, F.K. Lehner, P.S. Featherstone). Structural Geology on Reservoir and Field Scale. Faulting processes and fault seal (R.J. Knipe). Controls on the development of fractured reservoirs in the Monterey Formation of central California (R.G. Hickman, J.B. Dunham). Reservoir compartmentation by faults in Cormorant Block IV, U.K. northern North Sea (W. Sassi, S.E. Livera, B.P.R. Caline). Permeability of natural and simulated fracture patterns (N.E. Odling). Structure of the Mid-Norway Heidrun Field and its Regional Implications (W.J. Schmidt). Characterization of Faulting and Fracturing in Ekofisk Field from Seismic, Core and Log Data (J.D.I. Knight, H. Farrell). Ula Field: relationship between structure and hydrocarbon distribution? (A. Brown, A.W. Mitchell, I.R. Nilssen, I.J. Stewart, P.T. Svela). A frontier basin analysis study based on limited data: the South Mozambique Graben (J.E. Iliffe, I. Lerche, M. DeBuyl). The Danish North Sea: a basin prognosis (R.O. Thomsen, I. Lerche, J.A. Korstgård). RIFT, a model of sedimentary basin evolution by finite rate, non-uniform, pure shear extension of the lithosphere (N.E. Odling). Structural styles in thrust belts developed through rift basins: a view from the western Alps (A. Welbon, R.W.H. Butler). Tertiary decollement thrusting and inversion structures along Billefjorden and Lomfjorden Fault Zones, East Central Spitsbergen (P. Haremo, A. Andresen). Pre-Cretaceous structural development of the Danish Central Trough and its implications for the distribution of Jurassic sands (O. Michelsen, T.E. Mogensen, J.A. Korstgård). Small faults in sandstones from Spitsbergen and Haltenbanken. A study of diagenetic and deformational structures and their relation to fluid flow (E. Sverdrup, K. Bjørlykke). Subparallel faults and horizontal-stress orientations: an evaluation of in-situ stresses inferred from elliptical wellbore enlargements (R.L. Dart, H.S. Swolfs). References index. Subject index

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  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Elsevier Science 1992
  • Published: September 11, 1992
  • Imprint: Elsevier Science
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483291055

About the Editors

R.M. Larsen

Affiliations and Expertise

Statoil A.S., Stavanger, Norway

H. Brekke

Affiliations and Expertise

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Stavanger, Norway

B.T. Larsen

Affiliations and Expertise

Statoil, Stavanger, Norway

E. Talleraas

Affiliations and Expertise

A/S Norske Shell, Tananger, Norway

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