Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, Volume 18: Stress in Subsoil and Methods of Final Settlement Calculation reviews the method of settlement calculations based on stresses in the subsoil. This book is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 deals with in situ stresses in the subsoil, while Chapter 2 focuses on the state of stress produced in the subsoil by external loads. The last chapter discusses the methods of calculating the final settlement, including remarks on the selection of deformation parameters. This publication also discusses the horizontal geostatic stress, surface loading of a half-space, method of oedometric compression, and finite element and allied methods. This volume is recommended for researchers and specialists of disciplines related to geotechnical engineering.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. In Situ Stresses in the Subsoil

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Geostatic Stresses

1.2.1 Vertical Geostatic Stress

1.2.2 Horizontal Geostatic Stress

1.2.3 The Effect of Anisotropy and Structure on K0

1.2.4 Conclusion

1.3 Geodynamic Stresses

1.4 Neutral Stresses

1.5 The Coefficient of Earth Pressure at Rest K0 and its Role

1.6 Unloading of Subsoil Produced by Excavation

1.7 Methods of Measurement of in Situ Stresses

1.7.1 Neutral Stress

1.7.2 Vertical Stress

1.7.3 Magnitude of K′0

Chapter 2. Subsoil Stresses Produced by External Load

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Discrete Media

2.2.1 Two-Phase Halfspace

2.2.2. Statistical Theory

2.3 Homogeneous Isotropic and Linear Continuum

2.3.1 Surface Loading of a Halfspace

2.3.2 Internal Loading of a Space

2.3.3 Subsurface Loading of a Halfspace

2.4 Homogeneous Anisotropic and Linear Continuum

2.5 Non-Homogeneous Linear Continuum

2.5.1 Continuous Non-Homogeneity

2.5.2 Discontinuous (Layered) Non-Homogeneity

2.6 Non-Linear Continuum

2.7 Unified Conception of Non-Homogeneity, Anisotropy and Non-Linearity

2.8 Experimental Results of Stress Measurements

2.8.1 Effect of the Method of Measurement

2.8.2 Results of Measurements

2.9 Conclusion

Chapter 3. Methods for Calculating the Final Settlement

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Elastic Methods

3.2.1 Homogeneous Isotropic Halfspace

3.2.2 Cross-Anisotropic


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