Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials

Theory and Examples

1st Edition - January 1, 1970

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  • Author: R. C. Stephens
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483193250

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Strength of Materials: Theory and Examples covers the basic topics and mathematical aspect relating to the strength of materials. Each chapter of this book consists of a concise but thorough statement of the theory, followed by a number of worked examples in which the theory is amplified and extended. A large number of unworked examples and its respective answers are also provided. The topics include the bending stresses, torsion, deflection of beams, struts, and thin curved bars. This text likewise deliberates the shear stress in beams, unsymmetrical bending, elastic constants, and theories of failure. This publication is recommended for students who are in their first two years of an engineering degree or diploma course.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Simple Stress And Strain

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Tensile and Compressive Stress and Strain

    1.3 Shear Stress and Strain

    1.4 Hooke's Law

    1.5 Factor of Safety

    1.6 Stresses in Thin Cylindrical Shells

    1.7 Stress in Thin Spherical Shells

    1.8 Stress in Thin Rotating Rims

    1.9 Stresses in Composite Bars

    1.10 Strain Energy

    1.11 Shear Strain Energy

    Worked Examples 1-10

    Unworked Examples 11-36

    2 Shearing Force And Bending Moment

    2.1 Shearing Force and Bending Moment

    2.2 Shearing Force and Bending Moment Diagrams

    2.3 Relation Between Intensity of Loading, Shearing Force and Bending Moment

    2.4 Graphical Construction of S.F. and B.M. Diagrams

    Worked Examples 1-8

    Unworked Examples 9-30

    3 Bending Stresses

    3.1 Pure Bending

    3.2 Second Moment of Area

    3.3 Theorem of Parallel Axes

    3.4 Theorem of Perpendicular Axes

    3.5 Equimomental System

    3.6 Stress Due to Bending

    3.7 Modulus of Section

    3.8 Position of Neutral Axis

    3.9 Radius of Curvature

    3.10 Composite Beams

    3.11 Combined Bending and Direct Stresses

    3.12 Short Column with Eccentric Load

    3.13 Bending Beyond the Limit of Proportionality

    Worked Examples 1-14

    Unworked Examples 15-49

    4 Torsion

    4.1 Stress Due to Twisting

    4.2 Modulus of Section

    4.3 Angle of Twist

    4.4 Strain Energy

    4.5 Composite Shafts

    4.6 Twisting Beyond the Limit of Proportionality

    Worked Examples 1-7

    Unworked Examples 8-27

    5 Deflection Of Beams

    5.1 Integration Method

    5.2 Standard Cases of Beam Deflections

    5.3 Single Concentrated Load Not at Centre—Macaulay's Method

    5.4 Distributed Loads

    5.5 Couple Applied at a Point

    5.6 Area-Moment Method

    5.7 Maxwell's Reciprocal Rule

    5.8 Deflection Due to Impact

    Worked Examples 1-15

    Unworked Examples 16-56

    6 Built-In And Continuous Beams

    6.1 Built-In Beams

    6.2 Built-In Beam with Central Concentrated Load

    6.3 Built-In Beam with Uniformly Distributed Load

    6.4 Built-In Beam with Concentrated Load Not at Centre

    6.5 Supports at Different Levels

    6.6 Continuous Beams—Three Moments Theorem

    Worked Examples 1-8

    Unworked Examples 9-30

    7 Struts

    7.1 Introduction

    7.2 Euler's Theory

    7.3 Validity Limit for Euler's Theory

    7.4 Rankine's Theory

    7.5 Strut with Eccentric Load

    7.6 Strut with Initial Curvature

    7.7 Laterally Loaded Struts

    7.8 Alternative Method for Determining Bending Moment

    7.9 Eccentrically and Transversely Loaded Tie-Bars

    Worked Examples 1-7

    Unworked Examples 8-30

    8 Thin Curved Bars

    8.1 Strain Energy Due to Bending

    8.2 Castigliano's Theorem

    8.3 Application of Castigliano's Theorem to Deflection of Curved Bars

    8.4 Strain Energy Due to Twisting

    Worked Examples 1-10

    Unworked Examples 11-35

    9 Springs

    9.1 Close-Coiled Helical Spring with Axial Load

    9.2 Close-Coiled Helical Spring with Axial Couple

    9.3 Open-Coiled Helical Springs

    9.4 Composite Action of Axial Load and Couple

    9.5 Flat Spiral Springs

    9.6 Leaf, Laminated or Carriage Springs

    9.7 Vibration of Springs

    Worked Examples 1-11

    Unworked Examples 12-44

    10 Shear Stress In Beams

    10.1 Shear Stress Distribution

    10.2 Built-Up Girders

    10.3 Deflection Due to Shear

    10.4 Total Deflection

    Worked Examples 1-8

    Unworked Examples 9-30

    11 Unsymmetrical Bending

    11.1 Principal Axes and Principal Moments of Inertia

    11.2 Determination of Principal Axes and Principal Moments of Inertia

    11.3 Momental Ellipse

    11.4 Theorem of Perpendicular Axes for Product of Inertia

    11.5 Beam with Unsymmetrical Bending Moment

    11.6 Short Column with Unsymmetrical Load

    Worked Examples 1-7

    Unworked Examples 8-18

    12 Complex Stress And Strain

    12.1 Stresses on an Oblique Section

    12.2 Material Subjected to Two Perpendicular Stresses

    12.3 Material Subjected to Shear Stress

    12.4 Material Subjected to Direct and Shear Stresses

    12.5 Alternative Derivation of Principal Stresses and Planes

    12.6 Mohr's Stress Circle

    12.7 Combined Bending and Twisting

    12.8 Principal Strains

    12.9 Strains on an Oblique Section

    12.10 Electric Resistance Strain Gauges

    12.11 Determination of Principal Strains

    Worked Examples 1-12

    Unworked Examples 13-42

    13 Elastic Constants: Volumetric Strain

    13.1 Relation Between E, G and v

    13.2 Three-Dimensional Strain

    13.3 Volumetric Strain

    13.4 Bulk Modulus

    13.5 Relation Between E, K and v

    13.6 Relation Between E, G and K

    13.7 Volumetric Strain Due to Unequal Stresses

    Worked Examples 1-9

    Unworked Examples 10-31

    14 Thick Cylinders

    14.1 Lamé's Theory

    14.2 Comparison with Thin-Cylinder Theory

    14.3 Longitudinal and Shear Stresses

    14.4 The Lamé Line

    14.5 Compound Cylinders

    14.6 Solid Shaft Subjected to External Pressure

    14.7 Shrinkage Allowance

    Worked Examples 1-9

    Unworked Examples 10-33

    15 Strain Energy: Theories Of Failure

    15.1 Strain Energy Due to Three Principal Stresses

    15.2 Volumetric and Shear Strain Energy

    15.3 Theories of Elastic Failure

    15.4 Two-Dimensional Cases

    Worked Examples 1-6

    Unworked Examples 7-28

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  • No. of pages: 320
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Arnold 1970
  • Published: January 1, 1970
  • Imprint: Arnold
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483193250

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