Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management

1st Edition

Editors: Roy C. Wood
Paperback ISBN: 9780750644808
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st May 2000
Page Count: 250


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Table of Contents

Is food and beverage management in a rut? (Roy C Wood); What do we really know about the requirements of food and beverage consumers? Food and beverage markets in the modern age (Roy C Wood); How important is the meal experience? Choices, menus and dining environments (Roy C Wood); Is McDonaldization inevitable? Standardization and differentiation in food and beverage organizations (J Stephen Taylor); Strategic purchasing policy. Reality or chimera in the foodservice sector (Donald H Sloan); How does the media influence public taste for food and beverage? The role of the media in forming customer attitudes towards food and beverage provision (Sandie Randall); Do restaurant reviews really affect an establishment's reputation and performance? The role of food journalism in restaurant success and failure (Joseph E Fattorini); Can hotel restaurants ever be profitable? Short and long-run perspectives (Michael J Riley); How can we better understand operational productivity in food and beverage? A resource substitution framework (Michael J Riley); Why are there so many celebrity chefs and cooks (and do we need them)? Culinary cultism and crassness on television and beyond (Roy C Wood); Is food an art form? Pretentiousness and pomposity in cookery (Roy C Wood); Is there such a thing as beverage management? Drink and the food and beverage consumer (Joseph E Fattorini); What are the implications of tourism destination identity for food and beverage policy? Culture and cuisine in a changing global marketplace (Michael J Riley); Are restaurant dress codes in decline? The ever changing nature of food snobbery (Erwin Losekoot & Matthew J Alexander); Should smoking in restaurants be banned? The current state of debate (Dennis P Nickson); What lessons can be learned from the history of dining out? Some influences on current trends in the UK (John O'Connor).


'Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management' examines both enduring and topical issues in the field. Written in a clear, accessible and distinctive style, this is a comprehensive text for all areas of Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Hotel and Catering Management.

With contributions from widely respected and acclaimed thinkers in the field of hospitality, this text tackles 'hot' topics such as:

  • Is McDonaldization inevitable?
  • Do restaurant reviews have any impact?
  • Can hotel restaurants ever be profitable?
  • Celebrity chefs and cooks - do we need them?

Challenging and provocative, Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management is an essential text for all final year and postgraduate students of hospitality.

Key Features

Gathers together the insights of the UK's most important and influential hospitality thinkers. Includes discussion of the most up-to-date 'hot' topics in the industry. Takes a strategic viewpoint and focus on Food and Beverage Management today.


Second and third year undergraduates and postgraduate students on courses such as Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Management, and Hotel and Catering Management.


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About the Editors

Roy C. Wood Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Principal and Managing Director IMI/ITIS Institutes of Hotel and Tourism Management, Luzern, Switzerland and Professor of Hospitality Management, The Scottish Hotel School, University of Strathclyde