The aim of The Best of Long Range Planning is to bring together the best articles on a particular topic from the Long Range Planning Journal, so that readers wishing to study a specific aspect of planning can find an authoritative and comprehensive view of the subject, conveniently published in one volume. This first volume is about the place of strategic planning or strategic management in the leadership and direction of major businesses. The authors deal with three issues: (1) What should be the role of the chief executive and the board in making and implementing strategy? (2) How do most chief executives and directors behave in practice? (3) What happens when major companies adopt strategic management or strategic leadership as a management style?


For senior management, corporate planners and students of corporate planning.

Table of Contents

(partial) Introduction. Strategic Planning: The chief executive and the board. A new class of chief executive officer. What is the board of directors good for? The British Boardroom: Time for a revolution? Strategic Control: A new task for top management. The Director's Role in Planning: What information do they need? Corporate self renewal. Strategic leadership through corporate planning at ICI. Planning global strategies for 3M. The quest for quality at Philips. Planning for a rapidly changing environment in SAS. The NFC buy-out - a new form of industrial enterprise.


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