Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy

1st Edition

Individual, Collective and Organizational Learning Processes

Authors: Robert L Cross Sam Israelit
Paperback ISBN: 9780750672238
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 2nd March 2000
Page Count: 368


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Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy defines unique and powerful ways that organizations can foster learning at the individual, group and organizational levels, a capability critical to both strategic objectives and business performance. The book explains how individuals and organizations learn, clarifying cognitive and social aspects of the topic. Readers will understand how learning enables organizations and individuals to better create, assimilate, and transfer knowledge.

Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy helps managers create individual and collective processes that maximize the quality of the knowledge created and learned and ensures this knowledge is effectively used. The book appropriately redefines the frequently narrow and technology-oriented view of learning and explains how an effective learning strategy ensures that a broad base of employees learn and implement vital organizational lessons. Strategic Learning in a Knowledge Economy features focused discussions of organizational core competencies, learning and innovation, communities of practice, assessing organizational learning capabilities, and other important learning topics.

This authoritative compendium helps readers master organizational issues crucial in today's knowledge economy by:

Key Features

Describing individual and collective learning processes crucial to knowledge management and business performance Detailing the primary role of learning in fulfilling an organization's business strategy Helping readers conceive structures and processes that optimize individual and group knowledge creation and sharing


Executives, senior management, knowledge management officers

Table of Contents

Knowledge-Based Strategy to Guide Learning: Prahalad - The Core Competencies of the Corporation; Sanchez and Heene - A Competence Perspective on Strategic Learning and Knowledge Management; Winter -Knowledge and Competencies as Strategic Assets; Organizational Level Learning: Cohen and Levinthal - Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation; Leonard-Barton - The Factory as a Learning Laboratory; Nevis, DiBella and Gould - Understanding Organizations as Learning Systems; Schein - Three Cultures of Management; Communities and Practice: Brown and Duguid - Organizational Learning and Communities of Practice; Haskins, Ledtka, Rosenblum and Weber - The Generative Cycle; Wenger - Communities of Practice; Team Level: Baird et al - After Action Review process; Edmondson - Learning from Mistakes is Easier Said Than Done; Isaacs - Taking Flight; Kasl, Marsick and Dechant - Teams as Learners; Individual Level: Argyris - Teaching Smart People How to Learn; Daudelin - Learning from experiences Through Reflection; Kolb - The Process of Experiential Learning


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