The papers in this volume provide a unified approach to the design of underground structures in stratified coal and mineral deposits. They include examples of underground structure design in coal and evaporite mines, and case histories of performance of underground structures.

Table of Contents

Strata Deformation Around Longwall Coal Workings

Strata Control in Hydraulic Mining of Coal Seams at Great Depth

Induced Seismicity Resulting from Roof Caving and Pillar Failure in Longwall Mining

A Study of the Behaviour of Overlying Strata in Longwall Mining and its Application to Strata Control

Induced Changes in Permeability of Coal Measures Strata as an Indicator of the Mechanics of Rock Deformation Above a Longwall Face

Water Percolation into Fully Caved Longwall Faces

Ground Deformation Above Longwall Panels - Geometry of the Three Dimensional System

The Application of an Integrated Instrumentation System for Coal Mine Rock Mechanics Investigations

Mechanism for Outbursts of Coal and Gas in the South Wales Coalfield

Layout and Operation of Mine Workings within a Rock Mass Prone to Rock Bursts

Development of Roof Control Criteria for Longwall Mining - Parametric Modelling

Stochastic Methods of Predicting Deformation Profiles Above Longwall Workings

Rock Surface Roughness and Discontinuity Closure at Depth

Longwall Face Support

Optimisation of Support Performance through Consideration of the Pressure/Convergence Ratio

Relations Between Strata Deformation and Support Performance on Longwall Faces

Strata Reinforcement in the Barnsley Area

Roof Control with Powered Supports in an Indian Mine

Application of the MRDE Data Logger to Face Support Monitoring

Strata Control Problems on Longwall Faces - An Overview

Relations Between Geology and the Stability of Faces and Roadways in the Barnsley Seam

Ground Control Aspects of Longwall Design

Considerations for the Stability of Longwall Chain Pillars and Adjacent Roadways

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