This book provides industrial facilities with comprehensive guidance on the development of storm water pollution prevention plans and identification of Best Management Practices (BMPs). It provides technical assistance and support to all facilities suibject to pollution prevention requirements established under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for storm water point discharge discharges. In addition to providing guidance for facilities that are subject to storm water permit requirements, this book contains information that is generally useful for controlling storm water problems. Guidelines and accompanying worksheets will walk the reader through the process.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of This Guidance Manual

1.2 Organization of This Guidance Manual

1.3 Scope of This Manual

1.4 Definitions

1.5 Goals of Storm Water Management

1.6 Summary of the Storm Water Program

2. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

2.1 Planning and Organization Phase

2.1.1 Who Will Develop and Implement Your Plan?

2.1.2 Building on Existing Environmental Management Plans

2.2 Assessment Phase—Description of Potential Pollutant Sources

2.2.1 Developing a Site Map

2.2.2 Material Inventory

2.2.3 Identifying Past Spills and Leaks

2.2.4 Identifying Non-Storm Water Discharges

2.2.5 Storm Water Monitoring Data

2.2.6 Assessment Summary

2.3 BMP Identification Phase

2.3.1 Baseline Best Management Practices

2.3.2 Advanced Best Management Practices

2.3.3 Completing the BMP Identification Phase

2.4 Implementation Phase

2.4.1 Implement Appropriate Controls

2.4.2 Employee Training

2.5 Evaluation Phase

2.5.1 Annual Site Compliance Evaluation

2.5.2 Recordkeeping and Internal Reporting

2.5.3 Plan Revisions

2.6 General Requirements

2.6.1 Schedule for Plan Development and Implementation

2.6.2 Required Signatures

2.6.3 Plan Location and Public Access

2.6.4 Director-Required Plan Modifications

2.7 Special Requirements

2.7.1 Special Requirements for Discharges Through Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems

2.7.2 Special Requirements for EPCRA, Section 313 Reporting Facilities Specific Requirements

2.7.3 Special Requirements for Salt Storage Piles

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Worksheets

Worksheet #1: Pollution Prevention Team

Worksheet #2: Developing a Site Map

Worksheet #3: Material Inventory

Worksheet #3A: Description of Exposed Significant Material

Worksheet #4: Lis


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