Stock & Station Agents' Handbook - 1st Edition

Stock & Station Agents' Handbook

1st Edition

Authors: Alan Squires Ken Emms
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
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This accessible and authoritive text has been written for students undertaking programs of study in stock and station agency practice, and for practising stock and station agents who will find this an invaluable reference work. Care has been taken to ensure that the information contained within this book is not only accurate, but follows the syllabus provided for in the national core curriculum for rural agent/stock and station agent courses conducted throughout the country, but with some emphasis on matters peculiar to New South Wales.

Table of Contents

Market Value; Wool Activities; Sale of Rural Lanmd; Livestock Auctions; Contracts and Agreements; Merchandisiing; Rural Finance; Controls over Land Development and Landuse; Professional and Statutory Bodies; History of Insurance; Insurance and Superannuation Commission; Insurance (Agents and Brokers) Act 1984; Insurance Contracts Act 1984; Insurance and the Trade Practices Act; Insurance Company Operations; Reinsurance; Operating an Insurance Agency; Rural Insurance Needs; Specific Policy Benefits and Claims.


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About the Author

Alan Squires

Ken Emms