Statistical Process Control

6th Edition

Authors: John S Oakland
Paperback ISBN: 9780750669627
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 26th September 2007
Page Count: 472


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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a tool that measures and achieves quality control, providing managers from a wide range of industries with the ability to take appropriate actions for business success. Offering a complete instructional guide to SPC for professional quality managers and students alike, all the latest tools, techniques and philosophies behind process management and improvement are supported by the author’s extensive consulting work with thousands of organisations worldwide. Fully updated to include real-life case studies, new research based on actual client work from an array of industries, a new chapter on process capability, and integration with the latest computer methods and Minitab software, the book also retains its valued textbook quality through clear learning objectives and end of chapter discussion questions. It will serve as a textbook for both student and practicing engineers, scientists, technologists and managers and for anyone wishing to understand or implement modern statistical process control techniques.

Key Features

· The complete instructional guide to SPC, with links to Six Sigma/Lean approaches, helping managers to communicate the philosophy of process management and improvement as a key to business success · Written by a leading guru on total quality management, this fully modernised new edition includes real-life case studies, new research based on actual client work from an array of industries, and a new chapter on process capability · An ideal textbook with clear learning objectives and end of chapter discussion questions, a non-mathematical and practical style, along with the integration of the latest computer methods and Minitab software


Text for university & college courses within engineering, manufacturing & management, as well as business schools, for both undergrad & postgraduate, particularly MBAs; Quality managers, Quality engineers & technologists, Manufacturing engineers, Process controllers, Production engineers, Service managers, Operations researchers, across a wide range of industries & organizations, including the service sector; Six Sigma candidates

Table of Contents

Part 1: Process Understanding and Management: Quality, Processes and Control; Understanding and managing processes; Process data collection and presentation. Part 2: Process Variability: Variation and its management; Variables and process variation. Part 3: Process Control: Process control using variables; Other types of control charts for variables; Process control by attributes; Cumulative sum (cusum) charts. Part 4: Process Capability: Process capability for variables and its measurement; Process capability for attributes - sampling. Part 5: Process Improvement: Process problem solving and improvement; Managing out-of-control processes; Designing the statistical process control system; Six-sigma process quality; The implementation of statistical process control. Appendices


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About the Author

John S Oakland

Affiliations and Expertise

Executive Chairman, OAKLAND Consulting plc, Leeds, UK


Reviews of previous editions: 'I was particularly impressed by the ease with which a reader could use it for implementing SPC. It should be in the library of all organisations and on the bookcase of all individuals involved in process design, evaluation, control and continuous improvement of performance, products or services.' June 2005 edition of "Significance - statistics making sense", a publication of the Royal Statistical Society 'This new edition has been restructured to reflect the latest thinking in the field, giving the foundations of good quality management and process control. The book remains a solid and reliable reference to SPC.' QUALITY WORLD '...outlines all the techniques of SPC in a non-mathematical, practical way... useful in every industrial situation.' BSI NEWS '...if you want to know about and/or implement SPC you will gain much practical information and help from this book.' QUALITY NEWS 'Whether your sector is manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, service, or public, this instructional guide to the tools of SPC is an essential practical guide.' - QUALITY WORLD, FEB 2003 Great for the newcomer to SPC in industry or management, 4 April, 2001 Reviewer: ( from Ayrshire, Scotland As a statistician working in industry I am constantly looking for books that can get the message of SPC across to a mixed audience of analysts, engineers and managers. This book does just that in simple language, minimising the use of formulae and mathematical proofs with the added advantage of using examples that the reader can relate to. No prior knowledge of statistics is required to understand and apply the enclosed information. Reviewer: Paul Smith (paulsmith@t