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Part 1 Analysing and modifying starch: Plant starch synthesis; Analysing starch structure; Starch bioengineering; Starch-acting enzymes; Understanding starch structure and functionality; Measuring starch in food. Part 2 Sources of starch: The functionality of wheat starch; Developments in potato starches; The functionality of rice starch; New corn starches; Tropical sources of starch. Part 3 Applications: Starch as an ingredient: Manufacture and applications; Utilising starches in product development; Modified starches and the stability of frozen foods; Starch-lipid interactions and their relevance in food products; Starch based microencapsulation. Part 4 Starch and health: Development of a range of industrialised cereal-based foodstuffs high in slowly digestible starch; Starch, physical and mental performance; Detecting nutritional starch fractions; Resistant starch; Analysing starch digestion.


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…a valuable addition to libraries in research, industrial and tertiary organisations. The standard of presentation is very high, being remarkably free from error, and diagrams, figures and tables are well laid out and easy to follow., Food Australia
From the sources of starch through to modification and functional foods, this book covers all you will ever need to know about starch., Food Processing
The handbook comprehensively elucidates the role of starch in human food, accompanied by easy-to-follow tables and excellently illustrated by figures and diagrams., Advances in Food Sciences