In every theatrical production, a single indispensable person is responsible for ensuring that scenery, lighting, actors, directors, sound artists are in sync. Stage Manager: the Professional Experience takes the reader through all aspects of the craft of stage management, from prompt books and laptops to relationships and people management. It offers an extensive discussion of what makes a good stage manager, and takes the reader through each phase of a production from getting hired, to auditions and rehearsals, to the run and closing of the show. Using interviews with other professional stage managers, the author provides a practical, experience-based guide for students and aspiring professionals alike. The stage manager's role in each phase of the production is covered in detail. Working relationships, organizational tools, plans, charts, lists and forms, running auditions, cueing, touring, and the stages of rehearsal are just some of the many topics covered. An overview of the stage manager's working week provides a clear view of the many details involved in the smooth running of a production. A comprehensive working vocabulary offers an excellent reference for anyone working or hoping to work in this field.

Key Features

A practical guide to all aspects of the stage manager's job Interviews with professionals about on-the-job experiences Both basic and more advanced information is included to provide a single reference for students and beginning professionals


Students in stage management courses; professional stage managers and beginners wishing to enter the field

Table of Contents

Introduction; The Anatomy of a Stage Manager; The Stage Manager's Chain of Command; Stage Manager for Hire; Tools, Supplies, and Equipment; Hard Copy: Charts, Plots, Plans, and Lists; Profiles and Working Relationships; Running Auditions; The Stage Manager's Production Week; Rehearsals; The Rehearsal Script; The Last Week of Rehearsals; The Cueing Script; Technical Rehearsals; Opening Performance; Run-Of-The-Show; The Touring Show; Closing the Show; In the Line of Fire; Glossary: The SM's Working Vocabulary


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"Larry Fazio presents the journey of a stage manager, from interviewing for the position through striking a theatrical production. He describes what does-and sometimes, does not- make a good stage manager based on his own experience and that of other theatre professionals." - Janine Rauscher, Dramatics "Also among the three hundred pages is a glossary that could prove invaluable to any novice theatre artist. Fazio's intended audience is the beginner, making the book a great resource for a student who has a show or two under belt and is looking to pursue stage management as a career." - Janine Rauscher, Dramatics