Sports Publicity

1st Edition

A Practical Approach

Authors: Joseph Favorito
Paperback ISBN: 9780750683029
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 20th June 2007
Page Count: 408


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Table of Contents

1- Explaining the business … where it was, where it is now… “The appetizer, makes the entrée” 2- Getting started and building contacts/volunteerism…”Being able to sing and dance” 3- Reading, writing and speaking…and not just in English “Walking the walk and talking the talk” 4- How and what to pitch…”No mediums should be rare when selling sizzle or steak” 5- Working in the colleges… “SID is not just the name of the accounting teacher” 6- Working with a professional team… “The endless season” 7- Working with an individual sport and athlete…”There’s no “I” in team, but there is an “ME”’ 8- The Leagues and National Governing Bodies… “Making the 300 pound gorilla warm and fuzzy” 9- Women’s Sports and Athletics… “They’ve come a long way, baby” 10- Event PR… “If It Ain’t Catered It Ain’T Journalism” 11- Multi-national sports… “The Meat is not proportional to the amount of the Cheese” 12- Working in the minors…”There are no small parts, only small actors.” 13- Working in the major markets… “It’s all about the buzz” 14- The agency side…“Growing Up You Wanna Be Joe Namath…when you are grown you wanna own Joe Namath” 15- What’s Next? The new age” of sports PR “Star Gazing”


Sports Publicity offers unique, practical insight to the oft-overlooked but vastly important aspect of effective public relations within a sport organization. Written by Joe Favorito, former Vice President of PR for the New York Knicks, this book offers a diverse look at the various genres of sport PR, and delves into the history of the field, as well as providing perspective on where it is going with the burgeoning popularity of various new media. Features chapters that emphasize and instruct regarding the importance of good writing and speaking, and also looks at how to effectively deal with international media- the expectations of non-American press with American athletes, how non-American athletes deal with American media, respecting traditions and avoiding stereotypes, and other important lessons.

Key Features

  • A practical look at the various aspects of effective public relations management in the sport industry
  • Details the oft-ignored history of sport PR, as well as perspective on where the industry is moving toward
  • Diverse in its scope, as it details the ins and outs of effective PR working with large market professional teams, college athletic departments, team sports vs. individual sports, minor league sports and more


PR professionals or those looking to enter the Sport PR field from prior PR roles; undergraduate and graduate students in courses dealing with Sport Public Relations; Sport management academics, Sport Information Directors


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