Spore Research 1976 V2

Spore Research 1976 V2

1st Edition - January 1, 1977

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  • Editor: A.N. Barker
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149266

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Spore Research 1976, Volume II presents some of the papers reported at the meeting of British Spore Group held at the University of Leeds in December 1975. Organized into four headings, this volume focuses on aspects of heat and radiation resistance, germination, outgrowth, taxonomy, and ecology of spore formers. Specific discussions are given on the role of osmoregulation in the heat resistance, radiobiological evidence for the existence of dehydrated core in bacterial spores, some ecological implications of the diversity of spore-forming bacteria, and other topics relating to a specific spore former.

Table of Contents

  • Contents of Volume II



    Heat Resistance

    Role of Osmoregulation in the Heat Resistance of Spores and Vegetative Cells

    Heat-Induced Sub-Lethal Damage of Bacillus cereus Forespores

    The Acid Sensitization of Heat Resist ant Bacterial Spores

    The Combined Influence of pH and Water Activity on the Heat Resistance of Clostvidium botulinum Types A and B

    The Heat Resistance of Bacillus subtilis 1-12 in Relation to the Water Activity During Pre-Equilibration and During Exposure to Heat

    Inherent Genetic Differences in Dry Heat Resistance of some Bacillus Spores

    Survivor Curves or Bacterial Spores Heated in Parenteral Solutions

    Chelation Characteristics of Calcium in Relation to Water Binding and Heat Resistance of Bacterial Endospores

    The Heat Resistance of Ascospores of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain 195 and Saccharomyces chevalieri Strain 215, Isolated from Heat Preserved Fruit Juice

    Radiation Resistance

    Studies on the Sensitising Mechanism of Pre-Irradiation to a Subsequent Heat Treatment on Bacterial Spores

    Influence of Gamma-Radiation, Chemicals and Heating with Chlorocresol on the Inactivation of Various Bacterial Spores

    Characteristics of Radiation Survival Curves of Spores of Clostridium botulinum Strains

    Gamma Irradiation at -30 ± 10° of Low Level Nitrite/ Nitrate Ham

    Radiobiological Evidence for the Existence of a Dehydrated Core in Bacterial Spores

    Germination and Outgrowth

    Keynote Address: Protein Metabolism During Germination of Spores of Bacillus Species

    Germination .of Untreated or Hydrogen Peroxide Treated Bacillus licheniformis Spores with Ionic or Nutrient Initiators

    A Germinant for Bacillus cereus Derived from Pasteurized Milk

    L-Alanine Binding During Initiation of Germination in Bacillus subtilis

    Germination Responses in Three Clostridium Species

    Acid Induced Germination of Bacillus acidocaldarius Spores

    Subtilisin Induced Germination of Bacillus cereus Px Spores and the Effects of Dimethylsulphoxide

    Adenosinetriphosphatase Involvement During Initiation of Germination: Interference by Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide

    Effects of Chemically Inert Gases on the Germination of Bacillus cereus Spores

    The Inhibitory Effect of Bicarbonate on the Germination of Bacillus Spores

    The Effect of Water Activity and the aw-Controlling Solute on Germination of Bacterial Spores

    Outgrowth of Spores of Clostridium botulinum Type E

    Autoradiographic and Electron Microscopic Study of Nuclear and Cellular Segregation in Clostridium botulinum 33A Spores

    Taxonomy and Ecology

    Keynote Address: The Diversity of Spore-Forming Bacteria: Some Ecological Implications

    Taxonomic Significance of Polar Lipids in Some Thermophilic Members of Bacillus

    A Study of Bacillus cereus Biotypes Isolated from Milk and Soil

    The Occurrence of Clostridia, Particularly Clostridium botulinum in Bacon and Pork

    Conference Address

    Metabolic Control of Sporulation

    Cognate Disciplines

    Peptidoglycans (Muçopeptides), Structure, Form and Function

    Biological Significance of Chelation

    Genetics and Control

    Keynote Address: Spore Germination in Bacillus subtilis

    Further Studies on Conditional Germination Mutants of Bacillus subtilis

    Characterization of Bacillus subtilis Mutants Altered in the Control of Sporulation Alkaline Phosphatases

    The Regulation of Sporulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genetic and Biochemical Studies on the Role of Nitrogen Repression

    Induction of Prophage During Germination and Sporulation in Streptomyces coelicolor


    The Estimation of Lecithinase C (a Toxin) in Cultures of Clostridium welchii

    Nutrition and Toxin Production by Clostridium bifermentans in Relation to Sporulation

    The Formation in Media Affording Different Growth Rates of Spores of Bacillus megaterium Containing Varying Amounts of Deoxyribonucleic Acid

    Initiation of Sporulation and the Role of Highly Phosphorylated Nucleotides

    Affinity Chromatographie Analysis of Ribosomal Changes During Sporulation of Bacillus subtilis

    Synchronous Elongation of Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum and its Relation to Stage I of Sporulation

    Calcium Accumulation and Membrane Morphogenesis in Forespore and Mother-Cell Compartments During Sporulation of Bacillus megaterium

    Envelope Proteins of Aerobic Sporeformers

    The Ultrastructure of Clostridium perfringens spores

    Immunocytochemical Localization of Bacillus cereus Exosporial and Spore Coat Antigens in Ultrathin Sections

    Adenosine Phosphorylase from Vegetative Forms and Free Spores of Bacillus subtilis: Properties and Possible Physiological Role

    Isolation and Properties of a Surface-Bound Cortex-Lytic Enzyme from Spores of Bacillus cereus T

    A Chemical Study of the Parasporal Crystal of Bacillus thuringiensis

    Butyricin Resistance and the Membrane ATPase of Sporulating Clostridium pasteurianum

    Isolation and Characterization of Nucleoids of Bacillus subtilis During Growth and Sporulation

    Enzymological Studies of the Oncolytic Effect of Clostridium oncolyticum

    Physiology of Sporeforming Bacteria Associated with Insects: Enzymatic Analysis of the Aerobic and Anaerobic Metabolism of Bacillus popilliae, Bacillus lentimorbus, and Bacillus larvae

    Subject Index

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  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1977
  • Published: January 1, 1977
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149266

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