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List of contributors. Acknowledgements. Dedication. Introduction. 1. The history of spinal drug delivery: the evolution of lumbar puncture and spinal narcosis (D.C. Mackey). 2. Comparative spinal anatomy of vertebrates (R. Nieuwenhuys). 3. Spinal anatomy of experimental animals (T.F. Fletcher, S.A. Malkmus). 4. Gross anatomy of the human vertebral column (Q. Hogan). 5. Anatomy of DRG, intrathecal nerve roots, and epidural nerves with emphasis on mechanisms of neurotoxic injury (R.R. Myers, K. Olmarker). 6. The spinal meninges and their role in spinal drug movement (C.M. Bernards). 7. Anatomy and physiology of the spinal vasculature (M. Marsala). 8. Spinal cerebrospinal fluid chemistry and physiology (A.A. Artru). 9. Epidural and intrathecal drug movement (C.M. Bernards). 10. Structure of extracellular space and physiochemical properties of molecules governing drug movement in brain and spinal cord (C. Nicholson). 11. Spinal pharmacokinetics (S.L. Shafer, A. Shafer). 12. Reaction of intrathecal and epidural spaces to infection and inflammation (R.O. Weller). 13. Animal models of intrathecal and epidural drug delivery (T.L. Yaksh, S.A. Malkmus). 14. Human spinal drug delivery: methods and technology (M.S. Wallace). 15. General considerations in the formulation of drugs for spinal delivery (R.J.E. Grouls, E.H.M. Korsten, T.L. Yaksh). 16. Material properties and bioreactivity (D.E. Albert, M.A. Hintz). 17. General considerations in the characterization of drug action after spinal delivery (T.L. Yaksh). 18. Preclinical safety evaluation for spinal drugs (T.L. Yaksh, M.L. Rathbun, J.C. Provencher). 19. Clinical implementation of agents for spinal delivery (J.C. Eisenach). 20. Spinally delivered analgesic drugs (S.E. Abram). 21. Local anesthetics acting on the spinal cord (A. Gokin, G. Strichartz). 22. Intrathecal chemotherapy (L. Bomgaars, S.M. Blaney, D.G. Poplack). 23. Intrathecally delivered medications for spasticity and dystonia (J.M. Meythaler). 24. Spinal drug deli


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