Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080101804, 9781483156750

Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds

1st Edition

International Series of Monographs on Nuclear Energy

Authors: Eugene Rabinowitch R. Linn Belford
Editors: J. V. Dunworth
eBook ISBN: 9781483156750
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1964
Page Count: 380
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Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds is a guide to the research and physics of the actinide elements, particularly the uranyl ion. The book is introduced with the subject of the spectroscopy of uranyl salts in the solid state. Studies dealing with the fluorescence and absorption spectra of solid uranyl salts through band measurements and empirical classification, term analysis, and fluorescence spectrum in relation to excitation by light of various wavelengths are then discussed.
The book also mentions the analysis of the uranyl spectrum by Dieke and co-workers, because of the precise measurements of the fluorescence and absorption bands obtained under the Manhattan project. The table determined by Pant and Sakhwalkar in their study of the florescence spectrum of solid, hydrated uranyl fluoride at -185 degrees centigrade is presented. The text also discusses the theory of electronic structure and spectra of the uranyl ion. The spectroscopy of uranyl compounds in solution and the uranyl fluorescence intensity and decay are then presented. The book then explains the process of measuring the intensity of slowly decaying florescence of uranyl salts. The primary photochemical reactions in uranyl compounds are found to be slow, giving rise to many secondary thermal reactions that may be unwanted.
Researchers in the fields of chemistry and physics working on actinide elements will find this collection of monographs invaluable.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Spectroscopy of Uranyl Salts in the Solid State

1. Introduction. Qualitative Interpretation of the Uranyl Spectrum

1.1. Structure of Uranyl Crystals

1.2. General View of Uranyl Crystal Spectra

2. Studies of Fluorescence and Absorption Spectra of Solid Uranyl Salts (Except Those of Dieke and Duncan)

2.1. Band Measurements and Empirical Classification

2.2. Term Analysis

2.3. Fluorescence Spectrum in Relation to Exciting Light

3. Infrared Spectrum of Uranyl Salt Crystals

4. Analysis of Uranyl Spectrum by Dieke and Co-workers

4.1. Temperature Effect

4.2. Analysis of Uranyl Spectrum: Electronic States

4.3. Analysis of Uranyl Spectrum: Dichroism, the "Yellow" and the "White" Absorption Spectrum

4.4. Analysis of Uranyl Spectrum: Vibrational Frequencies νs, νa, and νb

4.5. Zeeman Effect

4.6. Isotope Effect

4.7. Intensity Studies: Lifetime of Excited States

5. Additional Spectroscopic Data on Some Uranyl Salts

5.1. Fluorides

5.2. Chlorides

5.3. Uranyl Nitrate and Double Nitrates

5.4. Uranyl Acetate and Double Acetates

5.5. Sulfates

5.6. Carbonates

5.7. Phosphates

5.8. Frozen Uranyl Salt Solutions

5.9. Miscellaneous Observations

Chapter 2. Spectroscopy of Uranyl Compounds in Solution

1. The Free (Hydrated) Uranyl Ion and the Products of Its Hydrolysis

1.1. Absorption Spectra

1.2. Fluorescence Spectra

2. Absorption Spectra of Uranyl Ions Complexed with Acid Anions

2.1. Effect of Inorganic Anions on Uranyl Spectrum in Solution

2.2. Complexing with Organic Ions

3. Spectra of Uranyl Compounds in Organic Solvents

3.1. Absorption Spectra

3.2. Fluorescence Spectra

4. Raman Spectrum of Uranyl Salt Solutions

5. Infrared Spectra of Uranyl Compounds in Solution

Chapter 3. Uranyl Fluorescence Intensity and Decay

1. Preliminary Remarks on Slow-decaying Fluorescence

2. Intensity and Decay of Uranyl Fluorescence in Crystals

3. Intensity and Decay of Uranyl Fluorescence in Solutions

4. Quenching of Uranyl Fluorescence in Solutions

Chapter 4. Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds


1. Photochemical Reactions of Uranyl Ions with Inorganic Compounds

1.1. Oxidation of Iodide

1.2. Oxidation of other Inorganic Reductants

1.3. Uranyl-sensitized Oxidation of Water by Bromate

2. Photochemical Reactions of Uranyl Ions with Organic Acids

2.1. Mono-basic Aliphatic Acids

2.2. Di-basic Aliphatic Acids

2.3. Halogenated Acids

2.4. Hydroxy and Thio Acids

2.5. Keto Acids

2.6. Aromatic Acids

3. Photochemical Reactions of Uranyl Ions with Alcohols

3.1. Carbohydrates

3.2. Methanol

3.3. Ethanol

Chapter 5. Theory of Electronic Structure and Spectra of the Uranyl Ion

1. Electronic Structure of the Uranyl Ion

2. Near-visible Spectrum—Interpretational Attempts


Addendum: Additional References

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R. Linn Belford

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