This book is a research monograph on transport phenomena. The topics discussed are often mathematically simple, though conceptually complex. The book is written in a colloquial style which a good teacher uses in the classroom. It originates from the author's wealth of teaching experience in this area and incorporates suggestions from colleagues worldwide.


For Chemical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers.

Table of Contents

Chapter headings. Introduction to Methodology. Introduction. The classical plug flow reactor. The plug flow reactor with diffusion. Pure diffusion. Shock waves in gases. Pure diffusion revisited. The Stefan Problem. Kinetics. The fundamental interface assumption. Relaxation. Kotchine's procedure revisited. Thermodynamics. Introduction. Heat transfer. Momentum transfer. Diffusion. Kinetics. Relaxation. Phases. Dimensional Analysis, Scaling, and Orders of Magnitude. Introduction. Fundamental examples. Some conceptual issues. Modelling and approximations. Fluid Mechanics. Balance and constitutive equations. Dimensional analysis and classification of flows. Hydrodynamics of ideal fluids. Laminar flows and the lubrication approximation. Creeping flows and the Oseen approximation. High Reynolds number flows and boundary layers. Instability and turbulence. Purely viscous non-Newtonian fluids. Elements of viscoelasticity. Elements of gas dynamics. Distributions. Introduction. Continuous thermodynamics of phase equilibria. Continuous homogeneous chemical equilibria. Kinetics in continuous mixtures. Granular Materials. Introduction. Large-scale statistical thermodynamics. Constitutive properties. Compressible flow. Index.


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