Spanish for Public Safety Personnel is a 2-book/3-audio tape set designed to teach Spanish to public safety personnel with Anticipatory Learning Language (A.L.L.), a copyrighted learning method created by the authors. The A.L.L. technique considers how an individual acquires a language. The first introduction to language is sound. A.L.L. is practical in that it emphasizes speaking and listening in identifiable real life situations instead of punctuation, complex grammatical structures and syntax as traditionally taught. Spanish for Public Safety Personnel is designed to provide security and law enforcement professionals with the necessary tools to help improve communication with and partnerships between the police and the community. It provides hundreds of vocabulary words used in the most common security-related situations. Arthur M. McCarthy has been a police officer in Boston for the past twenty-two years. He taught for five years at the Boston Police Academy and has taught Spanish and Community Policing at the university level. James A. Nocito has been a teacher of Spanish for thirteen years, at both the university and high school levels. Jim holds an MS in Criminal Justice, and in 1994 he was selected into Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

Key Features

· Unique approach to acquiring a second language · Focus on criminal justice and security-related vocabulary · Helps promote positive relations between the police and the community

Table of Contents

* 3 Audio Tapes * The Escape Card / Pronunciation * Officer Safety * Motor Vehicle Stops * Operating Under the Influence * Incident * Domestic Violence * Interview * Arrest and Booking * Grammar * Motor Vehicle * Weapons * Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia * Directions * Hispanic Last Names * The Miranda Warning


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