This volume contains the proceedings from the COSPAR Colloquium on "Space Remote Sensing of Subtropical Oceans" which took place between 12 and 16 September, 1996, at the Institute of Oceanography of the National Taiwan University.

Included are contributions addressing the issue, from scientific points of views, of why the first scientific satellite of Taiwan, ROCSAT-1, should be equipped with the Ocean Colour Imager (OCI) for oceanographic investigations.


For oceanographers, remote sensors and those interested in regional and global change.

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Section headings and selected papers: Preface. Invited. The COSPAR Coltoquium on space remote sensing of subtropical ocean (G. Haerendel). Three decades of satellite oceanography: the view from on high (J.R. Apel). The advances of satellite remote sensing for the Earth environment determination of CO2 distribution in the north pacific ocean (Y. Sugimori). ROCSAT-1 space program (J.-M. Shyu). Programs. German program for ocean remote sensing (G. Zimmermann). OCISAT – a micro satellite ocean color imaging mission (K. Brie&bgr; et al.). Atmosphere. Analyses of 1994 typhoons in the Taiwan region using satellite data (A.T.C. Chang et al.). Comparing NOAA-12 and radiosonde atmospheric sounding profiles for mesoscale weather model initialization (J. Chung-Chen et al.). Air Sea. The spaceborne scatterometer in studies of atmospheric and oceanic phenomena from synoptic to interannual time scales (W.T. Liu, W. Tang). Surface "roughness" of the oceanic frontal zones, with application to radar observations (S.A. Grodsky et al.). Color. Contribution of the subtropical oceans to global primary production (K.L. Howard, J.A. Yoder). The relationship between surface chlorophyll &agr; and biogenic matter in the euphotic zone in the southern east China sea in spring (G.-C. Gong, K.-K. Liu). Regional challenges for development of satellite ocean color algorithms (B.G. Mitchell). Oceanographic. Preliminary result of ocean tide estimation over the western pacific using topex/poseidon and ERS-1 altimetry (C. Hwang, C.-Z. Chen). An bathymetric algorithm of water-leaving radiances in aviris (F.R. Chen et al.). Application. Relationship between oceanographic patterns and larval anchovy production in coastal waters of southwestern Taiwan by remote sensing method (L.M. Anne et al.). Search


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