A unique guide in the selection and use of sorbents in cleaning up hazardous liquids.


Environmental engineers, specialists dealing with spills and leaks of hazardous substances.

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Introduction How To Use The Manual Example of Using the Manual-100 Gallon Ethylbenzene Spill on land CERCLA Liquids Indices and Sorbent Selection and Use Guides Sorbent Data Table 2-1 Sorption Capacities of Representative Sorbent/Hazardous Liquid Pairs Table 2-2 Representative Hazardous Liquid/Water Preference Indices Table 2-3 Sorbent Data Sheet Index Sorbent Data Sheets Technical/Logistical Information Sorbent Application-Land Spills and Floating Spills Sorbent Collection-Land Spills and Floating Spills Sorbents for Landfilling of Liquids Sorbent Reuse Sorbent Disposal Cost Estimation Procedures and Data Equipment Materials Labor Disposal Costs Transporation Costs Test Methods Sorbent Testing Procedures Used For This Project ASTM F716-82 GSA P-A-1056B Westinghouse Rensselaer USCG Environment Canada Spill Scenario Rationale Spill Onto Land Floating Spill Into Water Landfilling Sources of Information Cercla Liquid Chemical Information Specific Gravity Solubility in Water Surface Tension Viscosity Sorbent Selection Rationale Introduction Development of a Framework for Making Sorbent Performance Comparisons Selection of Sorbent Performance Factors for Each Scenario Sorbent Performance Ranking Procedure-Landspill Scenario Sorbent Performance Ranking Procedure û Floating Spill Scenario Procedure for Computing an Overall Sorbent Performance Rating References Glossary


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