Solvent extraction is employed very widely in both fundamental research and technology because of the remarkable features of this simple but very effective technique for the separation of different materials. The International Solvent Extraction Conference 1990 was a forum for the presentation of papers on up-to-date research in this field. The collection of the papers in these volumes will be invaluable because information on solvent extraction is often scattered in various journals and proceedings which make the following of developments difficult.

Table of Contents

PART A. Preface. Introduction. Organization of Conference. List of Sponsors. Plenary Lectures (4 papers). 1. Fundamentals of Solvent Extraction (40 papers). 2. Extractants and Diluents (23 papers). 3. Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science (16 papers). 4. Nuclear Fuel Cycles (37 papers). 5. Kinetics and Interfacial Phenomena (19 papers). 6. Metal Extraction (Precious and Rare Metals) (35 papers). PART B. Hydrometallurgy (19 papers). 8. Simulation, Modelling and Control (14 papers). 9. Equipment and Equipment Design (23 papers). 10. Liquid Membranes (34 papers). 11. Supercritical and New Extraction Systems (12 papers). 12. Special Applications: Petrochemicals, Biotechnology (29 papers). Author Index.


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