This volume, containing 27 chapters, provides a state-of-the-art account of the chemistry of solid-state supramolecular systems. Following a valuable introductory chapter reviewing important general principles, the coherent coverage is structured in the form of a series of contributions all written by experts in the respective areas comprehensively described. Throughout the volume, emphasis is placed not only on the design and structure of new host systems but also on practical applications of these novel materials in real chemical situations. The crystal engineering methods described relate to the synthesis of both organic and inorganic tailor-made hosts. Also the reader is presented with highly relevant descriptions of thermodynamic and kinetic considerations germane to the formation crystalline inclusion compounds. The final chapter gives a fascinating account of the self-organisation of molecules in two and three dimensions, crucially important to any process of crystal nucleation.

Table of Contents

Review of general principles (G.R. Desiraju). Hydroquinone clathrates and diamondoid host lattices (T.C.W. Mak, B.R.F. Bracke). 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid (trimesic acid) (F.H. Herbstein). Helical host lattices formed by alicyclic diols (R. Bishop). Gossypol: a versatile host molecule (M. Gdaniec, B.T. Ibragimov, S.A. Talipov). Deoxycholic acid and related hosts (M. Miyata, K. Sada). Urea, thiourea, and selenourea (K.D.M. Harris, M.D. Hollingsworth). Tri-o-thymotide and related hosts (R. Gerdil). Cyclotriveratrylene and related hosts (A. Collet). A survey of hydrocarbon hosts: biaryls, polyaryls, allenes, spiranes and cyclophanes (P. Dastidar, I. Goldberg). Tetraphenylene and related hosts (T.C.W. Mak, H.N.C. Wong). Perhydrotriphenylene: a D3 symmetric host (M. Farina, G. Di Silvestro, P. Sozzani). Cyclophosphazenes: structures and molecular selectives (T. Kobayashi, S. Isoda, K. Kubono). Symmetry in the evolution of host design (D.D. MacNicol, G.A. Downing). Design of dialkynic diols and other new bifunctional hosts (F. Toda). Onium salt hosts (F. Toda, K. Tanaka). Shape and symmetry in the design of new hosts (E. Weber). Survey of other potentially important hosts (P. Finocchiaro, S. Failla). Supramolecular chemistry in cyanometallate systems (T. Iwamoto). Werner clathrates (J. Lipkowski). Porphyrin-based lattice clathrates: a molecular masonary approach to crystal engineering (C.E. Strouse, M.P. Byrn, C.J. Curtis, Yu. Hsiou, S.I. Khan, P.A. Sawin, A. Terzis). Infinite frameworks (R. Robson). Hydrate inclusion compounds (G.A. Jeffrey). Stoichiometry and thermodynamics of clathrate systems (Yu.A. Dyadin, V.R. Belosludov). Phase transformations in inclusion compounds, kinetics and thermodynamics of enclathration (M.R. Caira, L.R. Nassimbeni). Cystalline microporous silicas as host-guest systems (H. Gies, B. Marler). Crystal engineering in two and three dimensions (I. Weissbuch, R. Popvitz-Biro, S. Weinbach, M. Lahav, L. Leiserowitz).


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