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Preface Chapter I Electrons in One-Dimensional Periodic Potentials 1 The Bloch Theorem for One-Dimensional Periodicity 2 Energy Levels in a Periodic Array of Quantum Wells 3 Electron Tunneling and Energy Bands 3.1 Transmission and Reflection of Electrons through an Arbitrary Potential 3.2 Electron Tunneling through a Periodic Potential 4 The Tight-Binding Approximation 4.1 Expansion in Localized Orbitals 4.2 Tridiagonal Matrices and Continued Fractions 5 Plane Waves and Nearly Free-Electron Approximation 5.1 Expansion in Plane Waves 5.2 The Mathieu Potential and the Continued Fraction Solution 6 Some Dynamical Aspects of Electrons in Band Theory Further Reading Chapter II Geometrical Description of Crystals: Direct and Reciprocal Lattices 1 Simple Lattices and Composite Lattices 1.1 Periodicity and Bravais Lattices 1.2 Simple and Composite Crystal Structures 2 Geometrical Description of Some Crystal Structures 3 Wigner-Seitz Primitive Cells 4 Reciprocal Lattices 4.1 Definitions and Basic Properties 4.2 Planes and Directions in Bravais Lattices 5 Brillouin Zones 6 Translational Symmetry and Quantum Mechanical Aspects 6.1 Translational Symmetry and Bloch Wavefunctions 6.2 the Parametric K•P Hamiltonian 6.3 Cyclic Boundary Conditions 6.4 Special K Points for Averaging over the Brillouin Zone 7 Density-of-States and Critical Points Further Reading Chapter III the Sommerfeld Free-Electron Theory of Metals 1 Quantum Theory of the Free-Electron Gas 2 Fermi-Dirac Distribution Function and Chemical Potential 3 Electronic Specific Heat in Metals and Thermodynamic Functions 4 Thermionic Emission from Metals Appendix A. Outline of Statistical Physics and Thermodynamic Relations Al. Microcanonic


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