Solid State Physics

1st Edition

Authors: Giuseppe Grosso Giuseppe Parravicini
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123044600
eBook ISBN: 9780080481029
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 14th February 2000
Page Count: 714
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Although there are many books published in solid state physics, there is a wide gap between the active field of research and the concepts traditionally taught in solid state courses. This book fills that gap. The style is tutorial, simple, and completely self-contained.

Solid State Physicsexplains to readers the newest advances in the area of condensed matter physics with rigorous, but lucid mathematics. Examples are an integral part of the text, and they are carefully designed to apply the fundamental principles illustrated in the text to currently active topics of research.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Bridges the gap between fundamental principles and active fields of reserch, including explanations of all the latest advances

  • Provides an in-depth treatment of current research topics
  • Examples are integral to the text and apply fundamental principles to current topics of research
  • Both authors have many years of experience of teaching at a variety of levels--undergraduate, post-graduate, tutorial workshops and seminars


Graduate students, advanced graduates, and researchers in the fields of theoretical and experimental activity in condensed matter theory and solid state physics.

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter I Electrons in One-Dimensional Periodic Potentials 1 The Bloch Theorem for One-Dimensional Periodicity 2 Energy Levels in a Periodic Array of Quantum Wells 3 Electron Tunneling and Energy Bands 3.1 Transmission and Reflection of Electrons through an Arbitrary Potential 3.2 Electron Tunneling through a Periodic Potential 4 The Tight-Binding Approximation 4.1 Expansion in Localized Orbitals 4.2 Tridiagonal Matrices and Continued Fractions 5 Plane Waves and Nearly Free-Electron Approximation 5.1 Expansion in Plane Waves 5.2 The Mathieu Potential and the Continued Fraction Solution 6 Some Dynamical Aspects of Electrons in Band Theory Further Reading Chapter II Geometrical Description of Crystals: Direct and Reciprocal Lattices 1 Simple Lattices and Composite Lattices 1.1 Periodicity and Bravais Lattices 1.2 Simple and Composite Crystal Structures 2 Geometrical Description of Some Crystal Structures 3 Wigner-Seitz Primitive Cells 4 Reciprocal Lattices 4.1 Definitions and Basic Properties 4.2 Planes and Directions in Bravais Lattices 5 Brillouin Zones 6 Translational Symmetry and Quantum Mechanical Aspects 6.1 Translational Symmetry and Bloch Wavefunctions 6.2 the Parametric K•P Hamiltonian 6.3 Cyclic Boundary Conditions 6.4 Special K Points for Averaging over the Brillouin Zone 7 Density-of-States and Critical Points Further Reading Chapter III the Sommerfeld Free-Electron Theory of Metals 1 Quantum Theory of the Free-Electron Gas 2 Fermi-Dirac Distribution Function and Chemical Potential 3 Electronic Specific Heat in Metals and Thermodynamic Functions 4 Thermionic Emission from Metals Appendix A. Outline of Statistical Physics and Thermodynamic Relations Al. Microcanonic


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About the Author

Giuseppe Grosso

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Physics, University of Pisa, Italy

Giuseppe Parravicini

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Physics, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italia


"... A very nice book ... I would personally buy it" - Professor Henry Ehrenreich, Harvard University