This book is addressed primarily to civil engineers familiar with such traditional topics as strength of materials, soil mechanics, and theory of elasticity and structures, but less familiar with the modern development of the mathematical theory of soil plasticity necessary to any engineer working under the general heading of nonlinear analysis of soil-structure system. This book will satisfy his needs in the case of the soil medium. It introduces the reader to the theory of soil plasticity and its numerical implementation into computer programs. The theory and method of computer implementation presented here are appropriate for solving nonlinear static dynamic problems in soil mechanics and are applicable for finite difference and finite element computer codes. A sample computer model subroutine is developed and this is used to study some typical soil mechanics problems. With its comprehensive coverage and simple, concise presentation, the book will undoubtedly prove to be very useful for consulting engineers, research and graduate students in geotechnical engineering.

Table of Contents

1. The Continuum Theory of Soil Mechanics. 2. Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Modeling of Soils. 3. Nonlinear Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Models. 4. Nonlinear Elastic Work-Hardening Plastic Cap Models. 5. Numerical Examples. 6. Advanced Cap Models.


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