Soil Physics: Selected Topics covers the results in the research field of soil physics, soil mechanics, and the behavior of real soils. This book is divided into six chapters and begins with an introduction to the study of the physical characteristics of soil and the complexity of superstructure of soil mechanics. The next chapter deals with the distribution of coarse grains according to their volume and the distribution of pore sizes in fine-grained materials. This chapter also describes the properties of granular mixtures and the compatibility of transition soils. The discussion then shifts to investigation of soil strength, particularly the strength of sand and transition soils, the tensile and shear strengths of cohesive soils, and brittle failure of soils. The remaining chapters consider the classification of soil phase movement phenomena. This book is intended primarily for practicing civil engineers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Grains and Grain Assemblies

2.1 Distribution of Coarse Grains According to their Volume

2.2 Distribution of Pore Sizes in Fine-Grained Materials

2.3 Grain Size Distribution and Compactibility

2.4 Properties of Granular Mixtures

2.5 Compactibility of Transition Soils

3. Problems of Strength

3.1 Strength of Sand

3.2 Strength of Transition Soils

3.3 Tensile Strength of Cohesive Soils

3.4 Brittle Failure of Soils

3.5 Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils

4. Cases of Phase Movement

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Phase Movements in Sand

4.2.1. Water Movement in Saturated Sand

4.2.2. Hydraulic Failure

4.2.3. Suffusion and Erosion

4.2.4. Phase Movement in Three-Phase Media

4.3 Phase Movement in Cohesive Soils

5. References

6. Author and Subject Index


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@qu:This well-produced and carefully translated book must provide a valuable supplement to any soil mechanics course, and engineers in general will find it both stimulating and easy to read. @source: Geotechnique