The papers in this volume cover micromorphological studies of a wide variety of topics, at various scales from ultramicro- to mesoscopic. Topics included are:

soil management; soil structure; surface crusts; hardpans and cemented layers; soil biota; soil genesis; hydromorphic soils; paleosols; archeology; and general pedology. The range of papers reflects the growing use of soil micromorphology in understanding soil problems in land-use and the increasing use of quantitative techniques, together with more traditional applications in pedology. The book is well illustrated with micrographs and contains both author and keyword indices.

Table of Contents

A Selection of Papers. SOIL GENESIS. Micromorphology of soils of the humid tropics (G. Stoops et al.). Biogenic opal as an indicator of mixing in an Alfisol/Vertisol landscape (J.L. Boettinger). Morphology and origin of secondary calcite in soils from Beauce, France (S. Ould Mohamed, A. Bruand). Phases of calcrete (Nari) development as indicated by micromorphology (M. Wieder et al.). Fabric features of laterite and plinthite layers of ultisols in northeast Thailand (A. Suddhiprakarn, I. Kheoruenromne). HYDROMORPHIC SOILS. Aquic conditions for Soil Taxonomy: concepts, soil morphology and micromorphology (M.J. Vepraskas et al.). Saprolite influence on formation of well-drained and hydromorphic horizons in an acid soil system as determined by structural analysis (P. Curmi et al.). Forms of iron oxides in acid hydromorphic soil environments. Morphology and characterization by selective dissolution (P. Curmi et al.). PALEOSOLS. Micromorphology of paleosols - genetic and paleoenvironmental deductions: Case studies from central China, south India, N.W. Morocco and the Great Plains of the U.S.A. (A. Bronger et al.). Pedosedimentary fabrics of soils within loess and colluvium in southern England and southern Germany (R.A. Kemp et al.). Soil and landscape processes evident in a hydromorphic grey earth (Plinthusalf) in semiarid tropical Australia (H.J. Mücher, R.J. Coventry). An exploratory examination of some relict hardpans in the coastal lowlands of southern Queensland (C.H. Thompson et al.). Micromorphology of polygenetic soils in a small watershed, north central Kansas, U.S.A. (W.A. Wehmueller et al.). ARCHEOLOGY. Interpretation of interglacial cave sediments from a hominid site in North Wales: translocation of Ca-Fe-phosphates (D.A. Jenkins). Source materials, micromorphology, and the provenance of the storage jars from


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