Socially Engineered

1st Edition

Using Social Engineering and Persuasion Techniques to Get Anything You Want


  • Tyler Cohen
  • Description

    Socially Engineered will help readers in information security and in other professions become world-class social hacking chameleons. This book demonstrates the step-by-step methods used by social hackers to develop on-the-spot lie detection, active listening, reading social cues and body language and how to hack situations to accomplish their goals. Infosec professionals need to understand and master these techniques to be able to navigate the myriad human interactions that are crucial to mission success.

    Author Tyler Cohen brings her expertise in human compromise and social engineering to readers, teaching them how to read every situation and social interaction and turn them to their advantage. Socially Engineered teaches readers how to become experts at hacking the system, situations, and people around them. By the end of this book, readers will become true masters of their own destinies, full-on human influencers who can make any social situation their own and achieve their objectives.

    Key Features

    • Learn how to approach every human interaction with the end result in mind—skills that will improve your success in achieving your objectives
    • Many books teach body language, self-help, or social engineering skills—this books brings it all together, walking you through the process of using specific, learned skills to get what you want
    • By the end of the book, you will be able to hack social situations to shift outcomes in your favor


    Information Security professionals of all levels, hackers, and people in any field who want to learn these techniques to achieve their objectives

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Why You Need This Book

    Determining a Goal: What Do I Want?

    Controlling the Three Facets of Desperation

    Researching Your Target

    How to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You

    Active Listening and How to Read People

    Self Perception vs External Perception – What Do I Look Like to Everyone Else?

    The "What’s in It for Me?" Concept

    Body Language – Yours and Other People’s, How to Read It and Make It Work to Your Advantage

    How to Make Anyone Like You and Want to Help You

    Faking It

    The Mechanics of Influence

    Key Differences in Influencing Men and Women

    Using the Group Dynamic to Your Advantage and How to Make Yourself Relatable to Anyone

    Putting It All Together – What We Have Learned


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    About the author

    Tyler Cohen

    Tyler Cohen CISSP is employed by Computer Science Corporation contracted as a researcher and developer for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center. Her specialty is digital forensics and intrusions. She is considered an expert in hacking and conducting forensic exams with the iPod and other alternative media devices. She presents her expertise at various conferences all over the country some of which include the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference, International High Technology Crime Investigation Association and The California District Attorney’s Cyber Crime Conference.