Small Animal Surgery Secrets

2nd Edition

Authors: Joseph Harari
Paperback ISBN: 9781560535799
eBook ISBN: 9781437711431
Imprint: Hanley & Belfus
Published Date: 1st December 2003
Page Count: 400

Table of Contents

1. Wound Healing
2. Control of Infection
3. Shock
4. Anesthesia
5. Perioperative Pain Management
6. Physical Therapy
7. Perioperative Nutrition
8. Dressings and External Coaptation
9. Monitoring the Postoperative Patient
10. Sutures, Staples, and Adhesives
11. Laser Surgery
12. Minimally Invasive Surgery
13. Arthroscopy
14. Skin Grafts
15. Skin Flaps,
16. Management of Burn Wounds
17. Nasopharyngeal Diseases
18. Ear Canal Resection, Ablation, and Bulla Osteotomy
19. Salivary Gland Diseases
20. Brachycephalic Syndrome
21. Laryngeal Paralysis
22. Tracheostomy
23. Tracheal Resection and Anastomosis
24. Thyroid Tumors
25. Parathyroid Tumors
26. Pulmonary Lobectomy
27. Chylothorax
28. Thoracic Wall Resection and Reconstruction
29. Patent Ductus Arteriosus
30. Cardiac Valvular Surgeries
31. Persistent Right Aortic Arch,
32. Pericardectomy
33. Esophageal Foreign Bodies
34. Diaphragmatic Hernias
35. Hepatic Lobectomy
36. Portosystemic Shunts
37. Biliary Surgery
38. Gastric Dilatation – Volvulus
39. Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies
40. Gastric Outflow Obstruction
41. Intussusception
42. Intestinal Volvulus
43. Peritonitis
44. Megacolon
45. Rectal Tumors
46. Perianal Fistulae
47. Perineal Hernia
48. Anal Sac Disease
49. Adrenalectomy
50. Pancreatectomy
51. Splenectomy
52. Renal Neoplasia and Calculi
53. Ectopic Ureters
54. Ureteral Tears and Calculi
55. Urinary Bladder Calculi and Neoplasia
56. Urethrostomies
57. Pyometra
58. Episiotomy and Episioplasty
59. Mastectomy
60. Prostatic Disease
61. Ectopic and Neoplastic Testicles
62. Principles of Fracture Repair
63. Mandibular and Maxillary Fractures
64. Fractures of the Scapula
65. Fractures of the H


Focused and concise, yet comprehensive in scope, this text provides essential, practical information for solving surgical problems commonly encountered on rounds, in clinical situations, and in surgery. In more than 100 chapters, the expert contributors propose key questions and provide answers to solve these situations that confront practicing small animal veterinarians every day.

The text begins with general concepts of surgery, including anesthesia, minimally invasive surgery, and wound management, followed by sections devoted to soft tissue, orthopedic, neurologic, oncologic, and oral surgery written by a diverse group of expert contributors from academic, private, and industrial practice.

Key Features

  • Concise answers with valuable pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets"
  • 105 succinct chapters in surgery by nationally recognized experts
  • Bulleted lists and tables for quick review
  • Thorough, highly detailed index


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About the Authors

Joseph Harari Author

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine & Surgery, University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, Urbana, IL