Small Animal Pediatrics - Text and VETERINARY CONSULT Package

1st Edition

The First 12 Months of Life


  • Michael Peterson
  • Michelle Kutzler
    • Print ISBN 9781437700060

    Key Features

    • Offers a practical, clinically oriented resource for the unique diagnostic and treatment challenges posed by pediatric and juvenile animal patients.
    • Includes comprehensive coverage of all special problems encountered in pet management from birth through the first 12 months of life.
    • Provides clear guidelines for important clinical procedures and techniques for the most vulnerable of small animal patients, including intraosseous catheterization and fluid therapy, venipuncture, and tube feeding.
    • Includes guidelines for designing and implementing a successful pediatric wellness program tailored to your own practice.
    • Discusses infectious diseases in young animals and potential zoonotic public health concerns.
    • Provides key new information on puppy and kitten behavioral development including guidance for prevention and intervention for problem behaviors, the leading cause of pet euthanasia.
    • Includes guidelines for kennel and cattery health management as well as shelter medicine health considerations.
    • Includes the latest recommendations for nutritional care of healthy and special needs puppies and kittens as well as the post-parturient and nursing dam.
    • Offers an easy-to-use, well-organized format for quick and easy access to the most relevant information.

    Table of Contents

    Section I: General Considerations

    1. Prenatal Care of the Bitch and Queen
    2. Birth and the First 24 Hours
    3. History and Physical Examination of the Neonate
    4. History and Physical Examination of the Weanling and Adolescent
    5. Growth
    6. Husbandry of the Neonate
    7. Standards of Care in Pediatrics
    8. Nutritional Requirements and Feeding of Growing Puppies and Kittens
    9. Care of the Orphaned Puppy and Kitten
    10. Emergency and Critical Care Issues
    11. Neonatal and Pediatric Mortality
    12. Feline Behavioral Development
    13. Canine Behavioral Development
    14. Immunologic Development and Immunization
    15. Section II: Common Infectious Diseases in Puppies and Kittens

    16. Bacterial Infections
    17. Viral Infections
    18. Fungal Infections
    19. Diseases Formerly Known as Rickettsial: The Rickettsioses, Ehrlichioses, Anaplasmoses, and Neorickettsial and Coxiella Infections
    20. Parasitic and Protozoal Diseases
    21. Approach to the Febrile Patient
    22. Section III: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches to the Pediatric Patient

    23. Radiographic Considerations of the Young Patient
    24. Ultrasonography of the Young Patient
    25. Anesthesia in the Pediatric Patient
    26. Surgical Considerations in the Young Patient
    27. Pediatric Fracture Management
    28. Pain Assessment and Management
    29. Pharmacological Considerations in the Young Patient
    30. Toxicological Considerations in the Young Patient
    31. Effective Use of a


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