Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology

2nd Edition


  • Stephen Page
  • David Church
  • Jill Maddison
    • Electronic ISBN 9780702037252

    Key Features

    • Organised by drug class in a uniform and detailed structure which means it is easy to locate key information on dose rates, routes of administration, drug interactions and special considerations at a glance

    • Key chapters based around treatment of disorders of particular body systems, eg cardiovascular and thyroid disorders

    • Essential introductory chapters covering pharmacokinetics, general pharmacological principles and adverse reactions for a thorough basic grounding in the subject

    • All authors are experienced clinicians and recognised experts in their field who bring a down to earth and practical approach to the text

    Table of Contents

    1. Pharmacological principles of clinical practice

    2. Clinical pharmacokinetics

    3. Adverse drug reactions

    4. Autonomic pharmacology

    5. Anaesthetic agents

    6. Sedatives

    7. Behaviour modification drugs

    8. Antimicrobials

    9. Antifungal

    10. Antiparasitics

    11. Corticosteroids and antihistamines

    12. Immunomodulatory therapy

    13. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

    14. Narcotic analgesics

    15. Cancer chemotherapy

    16. Anticonvulsants

    17. Cardiovascular therapy

    18. Respiratory drugs

    19. Gastrointestinal drugs

    20. Drugs used in the management of thyroid disease

    21. Drugs used in the management of pancreatic disease

    22. Drugs used in the management of adrenal disease

    23. Drugs and reproduction

    24. Topical dermatological therapy


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