Skeletal Trauma (2-Volume) and Green: Skeletal Trauma in Children Package

4th Edition

3-Volume: Expert Consult Premium Edition: Enhanced Online Features and Print


  • Neil Green
  • Bruce Browner
  • Alan Levine
  • Jesse Jupiter
  • Christian Krettek
  • Key Features

    • Two volumes on adult trauma deliver complete, absolutely current coverage of relevant anatomy and biomechanics, mechanisms of injury, diagnostic approaches, treatment options, and associated complications, equipping you to confidently approach every form of adult traumatic injury.
    • A third volume on pediatric trauma, edited by Drs. Green and Swiontkowski, covers all types of traumatic musculoskeletal injuries in children and adolescents with expert, up-to the-minute discussions of growth and development, pathology, epidemiology, biomechanics, operative management, complications, child abuse, sports medicine, and more.

    Table of Contents

    Browner, Jupiter, Levine, Trafton: SKELETAL TRAUMA


    Section I: General Principles (Section Editor: Bruce D. Browner)

    Chapter 1: The History of Fracture Treatment, Christopher L. Colton, David Selikson

    Chapter 2: The Biology and Enhancement of Skeletal Repair, Thomas A. Einhorn, Sanjeev Kakar
    Robert K. Schenk

    Chapter 3: Biomechanics of Fractures, John A. Hipp, Wilson C. Hayes

    Chapter 4: Principles of Internal Fixation, Joseph DeAngelis, Bruce D. Browner, Andrew E. Caputo, Jeffrey W. Mast, Michael W. Mendes

    Chapter 5: Locking Plates: Development, Biomechanics & Clinical Application (New Chapter), Michael Wagner, Roby Frigg

    Chapter 6: Evaluation and Treatment of the Multiple-Trauma Patient in the Field and Hospital, Robert T. Brautigam, Ken Robinson, Rick Sheppard, Lenworth M. Jacobs, David L. Ciraulo

    Chapter 7: Damage Control Orthopaedics, Michael J. Bosse, James F. Kellam

    Chapter 8: Disaster Management (New Chapter), Christopher Born, Ryan Calfee

    Chapter 9: Occupational Hazards in the Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma (New Chapter)

    Section 1: Optimal and Safe Use of C-arms, Peter Mas

    Section 2: Avoidance of Blood Borne Infections, Brian Cooper, Susan MacArthur

    Chapter 10: Pharmacologic Management of the Orthopaedic Traumatic Patient, Rich Gannon

    Section 1: Pain Management, Rich Gannon

    Section 2: Antiobiotics, Joe Kuit, Dave Nicolau

    Section 3: Anticoagulation, Elizabeth Udeh

    Section 4: Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal, George Perdrizet

    Chapter 11: The Principles and Complications of External Fixation, Stuart A. Green, Andrew N. Pollak, Bruce H. Ziran

    Chapter 12: Evaluation and Treatment of Vascular Injuries, David V. Feliciano

    Chapter 13: Compartment Syndromes, Bruce C. Twaddle, Annunziato Amendola

    Chapter 14: Fractures with Soft Tissue Injuries, Michael S. Sirkin, Frank Liporace



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