Size Effects in Thin Films, Volume 2

1st Edition

Authors: C.R. Tellier A.J. Tosser
Editors: G. Siddall
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444421067
eBook ISBN: 9781483289762
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1982
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Table of Contents

Scope and Approach

Chapter 1. Size Effects in Electrical Conductivity

1. Preliminary

1.1. Bulk Conductivity in the Free-Electron Model

1.2. Boltzmann Equation for Charge Transport. The Cottey Procedure

1.3. Types of Electronic Scattering

2. Models for Electronic Scattering at External Surfaces

2.1. The F.S. Model for Metal Films

2.2. Alternative Classical Models for Metal Films

2.3. Double-Layer Models

2.4. Sophisticated Models

2.5. Surface-Roughness Models

2.6. Special Cases

2.7. Experimental Determination of F.S. Parameters; Interpretation of Experiments

3. Models for Total Metal Films Conductivity

3.1. Mathematical Descriptions of Scattering at Grain Boundaries

3.2. Implementing the M.S. Model

3.3. Unidimensional Statistical Models

3.4. Bi-Dimensional Model for Monocrystalline Metal Film Conductivity

3.5. Three-Dimensional Model for Polycrystalline Metal Film Conductivity

3.6. Procedures for Calculating the Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity of Metal Films

3.7. Size Effects in Polycrystalline Metal Film t.c.r.

3.8. Size Effects in Monocrystalline Metal Film t.c.r.

3.9. Corrections in t.c.r.

3.10. Size Effects in the Product Resistivity x t.c.r. of Metal Films

3.11. Electrical Conductivity of Thin Semi-Metal and Semiconductor Films Under Quantum Size Effects Conditions

References Chapter 1

Chapter 2. Size Effects in Galvanomagnetic Properties

1. Theoretical Framework

1.1. Boltzmann Transport Equations in Presence of Both E and B, B//,B⊥



A complete and comprehensive study of transport phenomena in thin continuous metal films, this book reviews work carried out on external-surface and grain-boundary electron scattering and proposes new theoretical equations for transport properties of these films. It presents a complete theoretical view of the field, and considers imperfection and impurity effects.


© North Holland 1982
North Holland
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