Sixth International Congress of Neurology - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080092621, 9781483184456

Sixth International Congress of Neurology

1st Edition

Brussels, 21–28 July 1957

Editors: L. van Bogaert J. Radermecker
eBook ISBN: 9781483184456
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1959
Page Count: 504
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Neurology, Volume 1 presents the proceedings of the First International Congress of Neurological Sciences, held in Brussels, Belgium, on July 21–28, 1957. This book provides information pertinent to the fundamental aspects of neurology. Organized into 107 chapters, this compilation of papers begins with an overview of the significance of genetic factors in multiple sclerosis wherein its occurrence in more than one member of a family have a very limited value. This text then examines the two common disorders, namely, cervical spondylosis and disseminated sclerosis. Other chapters explain the mechanism of demyelination problem in considering the pathology of multiple sclerosis or any of the degenerative diseases of the nervous system. This book discusses as well the commonest types of headaches observed, including tension headache, migraine headache, post-traumatic headache, and those associated with hypertension. The final chapter deals with cerebellar ataxia, chronic respiratory infection, and telangiectasia. This book is a valuable resource for neurologists, psychiatrists, and neuropsychiatrists.

Table of Contents

Editors Preface

Sixth International Congress or Neurology

Discussion of Dr. Mcalpine's Paper

Discussion de la scllrose en pla'lues et des maladies demyelisantes

Remar'lues sur l'interet de la patholowe geomedicale au point de vues de la sclerose en plaques

Problems arising from the Association of Cervical Spondylosis and Disseminated Sclerosis

on Neurological Effects and Immunological Reactions in Monkeys Fed or Injected with Calf Brain

Recherches sur les modifications de la reacti-vite de I'organisnie dans la sclerose en plaques

Ueber die Bedeutung von Mykobakterienbefunden im Liquor von Patienten mit multipler Sklerose und die ErKebnisse der Therapie mit Isoniazid

Hypersensitivity and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis in Mice

Multiple Sclerosis in Twins and Their Relatives. Preliminary Report on a Genetic and Clinical Study

A Contribution to the Relation between Multiple Sclerosis and Brucellosis

La sclerose en plaques chez l'enfant (Observation anatomo-clinique)

Differenzierun~ionophoretisch getrennter Basen im Sporenkeimungstest

In Vitro Demyelination by Saprophytic Microflora

Bericht tiber medikamentos bedingte akute Episode~ bei multipler Sklerose

tiber den Einfluss Busserer Faktoren auf Beginn und Verlauf der multiplen Sklerose

A Contribution Towards the Pathogenesis of Disseminated Sclerosis

A Nosometric Study of Multiple Sclerosis. Its Application to Prognosis and Evaluation of Treatment

Les chronaxies neuro-musculaires et vestibulaires dans la sclerose en pla'lues

Psychiatric Problems in Multiple Aclerosis

Bei fieberhaften Reaktionen auftretende pathologische humorale Veranderungen und ihre Beeinflussbarkeit im Falle der Sclerosis Multiplex

Multiple Sclerosis and Its Applied Diseases in Japan

Der Lactoflavingehalt des ZNS, mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des E.P.S.

Contribution a l'etude statistique de la sclerose en plaques a Cuba

Symptomes de debut de la sclerose en plaques

A Clinical Survey of Disseminated Sclerosis in Egypt

Cutaneous Test with Brain Substance in Multiple Sclerosis

Discussion sur le rapport de T. Broman

La ponction lombaire semble etre contre indiquee dans la sclerose en plaques. D'une facon presqu'absolue

Ionophoretisch-chromato~raphische Untersuch ungen

Le niveau de la tributyrinase dans les malades atteints par la sclerose en plaques

The Blood Serum Protein 'Profile' and Chylomicron Index in Multiple Sclerosis as Influenced by Treatment of Patients with Digestive Enzymes

Comparaison du traitement de la sclerose en pla'lues par l'I.N.H. avec autres methodes therapeuti'lues

Sur l'effet electif du traitement par la vitamine B12 sur symptomes de la lesion des cordons posterieurs de la moelle en cas de la sclerose en plaques

Ueber die Therapie der multiplen Sklerose mit dem eigenen haemolysierten Slute

Prophylaxe und Therapie der Sklerosis polyinsularis im Spiegel der vaskuHiren Theorie

Quelques consideration~ sur Ie traitement de la sclerose en plaques par des perfusions de plasma et de s~rum sanguine

Structure and Function of Brain Gangliosides

The Metabolic Activity of the Choroid Plexus

Les modifications de l'activite des phosphatases alcaline et acide du cerveau dans l'electrochoc. Etudiees par la methode histochimi'lue

The Isolation of a Copper Protein from Normal Brain and a Study of Brain Copper-Protein Combinations in Hepatolenticulal Degeneration

Enzymatic Action of Fluids from Cystic Brain Tumors

Enzymatic Activity of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Neuropatho-Logical States. I - True Cholinesterase, Pseudo-Cholinesterase and Ali-Esterase

Elektrophoretische Untersuchung des Liquors bei tuberkulosen Meningitiden zum Nachweis von Mycobacterium der Tuberkulose

The Glycoproteidic Fraction in the Cerebral Fluid in Some Neurological Diseases

Newer Chemical Tests of the Cerebrospinal Fluid in the Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders

Liquorzellbefund bei multipler Sklerose (Untersuchungen mit dem Sedimentkammerverfah-ren)

Das Garruna-Globulin bei der multiplen Sklerose

Motivational Factors in the Performances of Patients with Cerebral Disease

Studies in Human Cerebral Function: Impairment of Cerebral Hemisphere Functions following Prolonged Life Stress in Man

Transkortikale Aphasie und Echolalie; einige Probleme der Sprach-initiative

Le syndrome atonique-astatique de Foerster

Asomatognosie et desorganisation spatiale

tiber Enthemmungsphanomene der priimotorischen Re~ion

Mental Symptoms and Intracranial Tumors

A Clinico-Anatomic Study of Personality and Mood Disturbances Associated with Gliomas of the Cerebrum

Observations on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache: A Review of 8,000 Patients

Neurological Manifestations of Cervical Spondylosis

Zur Differentialdiagnose und Pathogenese der Foix-Alajoua-nine'schen Krankheit

Cases of Ossification of the Leptomeninges with Clinical Symptoms

Familial areflexic amyotrophy

Etude polyrheographique des syndromes radiculaires discogenes

Seven Cases of Spinal Cord Compression Produced by Spinal Localization of the Hydatid Cysts

Die Anwendung von Methylandrostendiol (Neosteron) in der Behandlung der Dystrophia musculorum progressiva

The Healing of Paralysis in the Human Body by Sprouting from Intact Nerve Fibers

A Clinical and Electro-Myographic Study of Recovery from Peripheral Paralysis

Myopathy in Sheep

Discussion of the Paper by M. Minkowski and Dorothy M. Whitney. Answer to Dr. E.A. Kabat

Therapeutic Considerations

Les resultats de plus de 10 ans d' enquete (1945-1956) sur la dystrophie myotonique en Suisse

Atrophies musculaires con~enitales generalises

Unsere Erfahrongen mit ATP 'Spofa' Therapie bei Dystrophia musculorum pro~ressiva (DMP)

Untersuchungen iiber den Einfluss des Zentralnervensystems auf die hamopoetischen Organe (Knochenmark), die Regulation des Eosinophile, den Befund der Serumeiweisse sowie die Prozesse der Hamostase und der Fibrinolyse

Erganzung zum Referat vom 25.1.1957, uber eigene Erfahrungen mit >\TPj(Spofa) (Adenosintriphosphorsaure) in der Therapie der Dystrophia musculorum progressiva (weiter nur DMP)

Studies in Myasthenia Gravis: Observations of 310 Cases

Die Behandlung der Myasthenia gravis mit BC-Korpem

Late Personal Results in the Treatment of Erb-Goldflam Myasthenia in 30 Cases by Bilateral Carotid Sinus Denervation

Neurologische Storungen bei Lebererkrankungen

The Influence of Hypothalamic Lesions on Endocrine Activity in the Cat

Zur Pathophysiologie der im Urin anfallenden Basen bei multipler Sklerose. fiber Dann-aktive Substanzen in Urinextrakten

Zur Pathophysiologie der im Urin anfallenden Basen bei multipler Sklerose

Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 Studies in Neurological Disease

Les encephalites comateuses

Contribution clinique, electroencephalo-graphique et patho-logique ai'etude des encephalites subaigues

Quelques observations d' encephalites progressives subaigues en Czechoslovakia

Eine Encephalitisepidemie im Sommerende-Herbst 1955 zu Tirgu-Mures, Rumanien

Encephalite progressive hypercinetique subaigue chez l'homme en Bulgarie

A New Approach to Cancer Therapy

Induction of Hypokinesia, Rigidity and Tremor in Primates with Reserpine

Traitement pharmaco-electrique des paralysies spasmodi'lues

Percutan procain blockade in neurology

Beeinflussung des choreo-athetoiden Syndroms mittels Sedaraupin (Reserpin-Boehringer)

Discussion of D. Conto's and P. Longo's Communication 'the Medical Treatment of the So-Called Extrapyramidal Diseases'

Neurological and Psychological Factors in Adaptive Behavior

Die zentrale Neuraltherapie bei Liihmungen

A diencephalic syndrome of hyperkinetic emaciation typically linked to predominant elation in infancy and early childhood

Studies on Pain: The Phenomenon of Sensory 'Extinction' and Its Relation to Pain Threshold, Pain Intensity and Pain Perception

Cheyne-Stokes Breathing: A Study (Clinical, Physiological, Pathological) of 80 Cases on the Role of the Nervous System

Localization of the Palm-Chin Reflex and Its Behavior in Some Disturbances of Consciousness

Normal and Pathological Plantar Cutaneous Reflex (Babinski Sign) in Infants Up to 18 Months of Age

Head Bending Test

Les hallucinations visuelles dans les affections du systeme extrapyramidal

Des bases physiopathologiques de la disintegration des fonctions motrices dans la rigidite parkinsonienne

Physikalische Analysen extrapyramidaler Bewegungsstorungen

'Ambivalent' optokinetic stimulation

Les images consecutives de Purkyne moyen diagnosti'lue en neurologie

Brain Stem and Parinaud Syndrome

Remarques sur l'etude du niveau de l'acide pyruvique au serum des polysclerotiques

Neurological Considerations about a Recent Outbreak of Botulism (21 Cases-June 2nd-6th, 1957)

A Method of Experimental Inducing of Epileptic Attacks




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