Sittig's Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals Database

1st Edition


  • Richard P. Pohanish
  • Stanley A. Greene
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    Sittig's Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals Database is specifically designed for use by those engaged in the agricultural and food processing industries. It provides in electronic format: crop, chemical, regulatory, health and safety information on nearly 800 pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals. With both browsing and a powerful search feature, critical information is easy and fast to find.


    Food technologists, agricultural extension agents, agricultural chemical handlers, chemists, technicians, educators, manufacturers and regulators on state and federal level, government agroterrorism agencies and industry vendors/suppliers, professionals and educators across the entire food chain starting with pesticide manufacturers to food scientists, and animal/plant inspection services. Will also be of interest to pharmaceutical and cosmetics/personal care chemists, engineers and formulators, newspapers and the legal community.

    Table of Contents

    Chemical Records Chemical Name Use Type CAS Number Formula Alert Synonyms Trade Names Producers Chemical Class EPA/OPP PC Code California DPR Chemical Code ICSC Number RTECS Number EEC Number EINECS Number Uses Human Toxicity (long-term) with CFR citations Fish Toxicity (threshold) with CFR citations US Maximum Allowable Residue Levels Carcinogen/Hazard Classifications US EPA Carcinogens US NTP California Prop. 65 US TRI IARC Label Signal Word WHO Acute Hazard Endocrine Disruptor Regulatory Authority Description Incompatibilities Permissible Exposure Limits in Air Determination in Air Permissible Concentrations in Water Determination in Water Routes of Entry Harmful Effects and Symptoms Short Term Exposure Long Term Exposure Points of Attack Medical Surveillance First Aid


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