This volume is an account of the lectures delivered at the international Conference ``Singularities and Dynamical Systems-83''. The main purpose of the Conference was to create conditions of scientific contact between mathematicians and physicists who have singularities and dynamical systems as common interests.

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La Marche au Chaos Vue Par Un Topologue (R. Thom). Hamiltonian-Like Phenomena in Saddle-Node Bifurcations of Invariant Curves for Plane Diffeomorphisms (A. Chenciner). The Dynamics of a Diffeomorphism and the Rigidity of its Centralizer (J. Palis). Translation Representations of Scattering for Rational Maps (J.-P. Francoise). On the Tk ---> Tk+1 Bifurcation Problem (D. Flockerzi). Hölder Continuous Paths and Hyperbolic Automorphisms of T3 (M.C. Irwin). A Labyrinth and Other Ways to Lose One's Way (A. Cascon and R. Langevin). Moduli of Stability for Gradients (F. Takens). Singularities of Gradient Vector Fields and Moduli (F. Takens). Geometry of Triples of Vector Fields in R4 (P. Mormul and R. Roussarie). Cycles Limités, Etude Locale (J.P. Francoise). Analytic Classification of Resonant Saddles and Foci (J. Martinet and J.-P. Ramis). Singularities of Holomorphic Differential Equations (C. Camacho). Holonomie Evenescente des Equations Différentielles Dégénerées Transverses (R. Moussu). Singularities of Codimension One Complex Foliations, A Partial Survey (D. Cerveau and J.-F. Mattei). Differential Geometry and Dynamics: Two Examples (M. Chaperon). Evolution Dynamique d'un Système Mécanique en Présence de Singularités Génériques (Sp.N. Pnevmatikos). Pseudo-Metriques Génériques et Théorème de Gauss-Bonnet en Dimension 2 (F. Pelletier). The Invariance of Milnor's Number Implies the Invariance of the Topological Type in Dimension Three (B. Perron). Real Clemens Structures (C.A. Roche). Rigidity of Webs and Families of Hypersurfaces (J.-P. Dufour and P. Jean). Bifurcation from an Orbit of Symmetry (D. Chillingworth). A Pedestrian Proof of the Hopf-Bifurcation (F. and M. Diener). In Pursuit of Birkhoff's Chaotic Attractor (R. Abraham). Bifurcations and Chaos in Forced Van Der Pol Systems (R. Abraham and C. Simò


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