Simulation Learning System for Paramedic Practice Today - Revised Reprint (User Guide and Access Code)

1st Edition

Above and Beyond


  • Barbara Aehlert
    • Print ISBN 9780323074834

    Key Features

    • Evidence-based simulation scenarios for all standard and pediatric human patient simulators enhance students' critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills at all learning levels. Each scenario is presented in four steps:
      • Detailed preparation outlines guide you through scenario staging and implementation, accompanied by a printable packet of resources:

        • Staging instructions help you prepare the setting and simulator for each scenario.

        • An Algorithm Quick Card provides a quick-reference guide for advancing patient conditions as students progress through the simulation scenario.

        • A Performance Checklist itemizes the care each student is expected to provide in a format ideal for easy evaluation.

        • A Patient Report simulates the transfer of patient information to the student who will assume responsibility of care during a scenario (from first responder or EMT to Paramedic, or a patient transfer from one hospital/nursing home to another).

        • A Patient Response Guide provides scripted comments and questions the facilitator can use to encourage realistic nurse-patient communication.

        • Additional Patient Response Guides encourage increased student involvement and enhance the simulation experience.

        • Role-identifying badges help ensure a realistic simulation experience for participants.

        • An Observer Evaluation Rubric allows observing students to assess the performance of the simulation participants and generate post-scenario discussion.

      • Each simulation <


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