Siberian river run-off in the Kara Sea - 1st Edition

Siberian river run-off in the Kara Sea, Volume 6

1st Edition

Characterisation, quantification, variability, and environmental significance

Editors: R. Stein K. Fahl D.K. Fütterer E.M. Galimov O.V. Stepanets
Imprint: Elsevier Science
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Siberian river run-off into the Kara Sea: Characterization, quantification, variability and environmental significance - An introduction (D.K. Fütterer, E.M. Galimov). A. Modern discharge: Data and modelling. River run-off influence on the water mass formation in the Kara Sea (S. Pivovarov, R. Schlitzer, A. Novikhin). Salt intrusions in Siberian river estuaries: Observations and model experiments in Ob and Yenisei (I.H. Harms, U. Hübner et al.). Atlantic Water flow to the Kara Sea: Comparing model results with observations (M.J. Karcher, M. Kulakov et al.). Freshwater distribution and brine waters in the southern Kara Sea in summer 1999 as depicted by &dgr;18O results (D. Bauch, H. Erlenkeuser et al.). DIC stable carbon isotope pattern in the surface waters of the southern Kara Sea, Sep. 2000 (H. Erlenkeuser, H.H. Cordt et al.). Stable isotope ratios in bivalve shells: Suitable recorders for salinity and nutrient variability in the Kara Sea? (J. Simstich, V. Stanovoy et al.). Geochemical processes in the Yenisei River and Estuary (B. Beeskow, V. Rachold). Radionuclides in the water column and surface sediments of the Ob and Yenisei rivers and adjacent Kara Sea shelf (O.V. Stepanets, A. Borisov et al.). B. Discharge and biological processes. Phytoplankton distribution in the inner Kara Sea: A comparison of three summer investigations (E.-M. Nöthig, Y. Okolodkov et al.). The freshwater phytoplankton biomass and its role in the formation of a highly productive zone on the Ob-Yenisei shallows (southern Kara Sea) (P.R. Makarevich, N.V. Druzhkov et al.). Distribution of meroplankton in the southern Kara Sea in relation to local hydrographic pattern (I. Fetzer). Benthic fauna of the southern Kara Sea (N.V. Denisenko, E. Rachor, S.G. Denisenko). The southern Kara Sea ecosystem: Phytoplankton, zooplankto


Within the joint German-Russian research project "Siberian River Run-off (SIRRO)" multidisciplinary studies were carried out in the Ob and Yenisei estuaries and adjacent southern Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean). The overall goal of the project was to extend knowledge on understanding the freshwater and sediment input by the major Siberian rivers and its impact on the environments of the inner Kara Sea. The main results of oceanographical, biological, geochemical, geological and modelling studies are presented in four main chapters: (A) Modern Discharge: Data and modelling; (B) Discharge and biological processes, (C) Discharge and organic carbon cycle, and (D) Discharge and sediment records.


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@from:R. Stein @qu:...It should be recommended to all research students and senior scientists working on related regional problems but also on global scale investigations in a sustainable development perspective. ...This is undoubtedly a book which has its place on the shelves of the best-documented libraries. @source:Journal of Marine Systems

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R. Stein Editor

K. Fahl Editor

D.K. Fütterer Editor

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Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

E.M. Galimov Editor

O.V. Stepanets Editor

Affiliations and Expertise

Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Moscow, Russia