SI Units in Engineering and Technology focuses on the use of the International System of Units-Systeme International d'Unités (SI). The publication first elaborates on the SI, derivation of important engineering units, and derived SI units in science and engineering. Discussions focus on applied mechanics in mechanical engineering, electrical and magnetic units, stress and pressure, work and energy, power and force, and magnitude of SI units. The text then examines SI units conversion tables and engineering data in SI units. Tables include details on the sectional properties of metals in SI units, physical properties of important molded plastics, important physical constants expressed in SI units, and temperature, area, volume, and mass conversion. Tables that show the mathematical constants, standard values expressed in SI units, and Tex count conversion are also presented. The publication is a dependable source of data for researchers interested in the use of the International System of Units-Systeme International d'Unités.

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(partial) International system of units (SI description): Basic SI units. Standard multiples and sub-multiples. Rules for multiples and sub-multiples. Quantities and units of mechanics. Quantities and units of periodic and related phenomena. Mathematical signs and symbols for use in technology. Derivation of important engineering units: Force. Stress and pressure. Work and energy. Power. Temperature. Derived SI Units in science and engineering: Applied mechanics. Mechanical engineering. Electrical units. Magnetic units. SI Units conversion tables (Arranged according to subject categories). SI Units conversion tables (Arranged alphabetically). Engineering data in SI units: Sectional properties of metals in SI units. Physical properties of important moulded plastics. Some important physical expressed constants in SI units. Some important non-SI units. Temperature coversion. Length conversion. Area conversion. Capacity. Mass conversion. Pressure conversion. Stress.


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