Shaping Your HR Role

1st Edition

Succeeding in Today's Organizations

Print ISBN: 9780750678230
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 11th April 2005
Page Count: 264


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This book has been written for the HR Practitioner and will provide readers with tools, guidelines, ideas, and strategies for developing their role within the Human Resources function. This text focuses on current issues and future trends in both the HR profession and the workplace. Organizations will continue to be forced to function in a lean and mean manner, HR professionals are now required to manage outsourcing functions and to move through multiple internal roles quickly. This book will act as a roadmap to help them plan and implement these roles quickly and efficiently, aligned to their organizations strategy.

Key Features

· Helps HR practitioners develop their role and skills · Combines theory and practical case studies to support development. · Incorporates interviews with HR directors from organizations across a range of industries and sectors



Table of Contents

Dedication Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Laying the Groundwork for Success Help Wanted: Competent and Confident HR Professionals The Opportunities The Challenges Making Development a Priority Bring Who You Are To What You Do References

Chapter 2 What Does an HR Career Look Like Today?: Opportunities, Appeals, and Challenges The Opportunities: A Multitude of Options in Crafting an HR Career The Many and Varied Appeals of an HR Career The Challenges of an HR Career Concluding Remarks References Chapter 3 The Many Hats HR Professionals Wear Role Framework A Few Caveats Role Descriptions Primary Skills Required of Each Role Choosing One’s Role—Some Guidelines Consulting Careers Concluding Remarks References

Chapter 4 The HR Career Success Model Why a Model? Underlying Assumptions of The HR Career Success Model The Model Additional Considerations Concluding Remarks References

Chapter 5 Actions to Take: Learning About Yourself Experience—The Great Teacher What Skills Do You Bring to the Table? Traits—What is the Way You Approach the World? Values—What Would You Fight For? Likes and Dislikes—Knowing What Excites (and Deflates) You Emotional Intelligence—How Do We Manage Ourselves and Our Relationships? More Strategies for Gaining Self Knowledge Concluding Remarks References

Chapter 6 Actions to Take: Learning About the Fie


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"Combining HR science and soul, this soup-to-nuts book brilliantly tells how HR works, how HR pros make it work, and how you can make HR your career that works." -- Chip R. Bell, author, Managers as Mentors "With over sixty years of combined HR experience, the Kahnweilers’ continued passion for HR comes through in this book. Their passion, however, does not preclude them from giving an honest portrayal of HR – the good and not-so-good. Their insights are right on, presenting the reader with a real foundation for success in HR. This book characterizes HR in real-world practical terms rather than in abstract superlatives, and illustrates the challenges HR professionals confront on a daily basis. This book is worthwhile for anyone in HR but particularly so for those somewhat new to HR and those considering an HR career. I wish I had read this book twenty years ago." -- Steve Hewitt, Senior Professional in Human Resources, The Hewitt Group