In this book, the author has collected existing information on the analysis of elastic-plastic structures subjected to variable repeated loads and to variable temperature fields. He presents the foundations of the theory and its applications to the shakedown analysis of structures of various types and to computational algorithms. The book provides useful and interesting material for students of civil and mechanical engineering, practising engineers with a good mathematical background and also scientists concerned with the analysis of inelastic structures.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction. II. General Theory of Elastic-Plastic Structures. III. Notion of Shakedown. IV. The Classical Shakedown Theory. V. Shakedown Theory in Generalized Variables. VI. Shakedown of Beams and Plane Frames. VII. Mathematical Programming in General Problems of Shakedown Analysis. VIII. Shakedown Analysis in the Case of Slow Variations of Mechanical Loads and Temperature. IX. Shakedown Deflections. X. Shakedown in Engineering Problems. XI. On the Influence of Geometrical Nonlinearity. XII. Shakedown of Strain-Hardening Structures. XIII. Some Remarks on the Limitations and Practical Validity of the Shakedown Theory. References. Subject Index.


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@qu:...provides excellent material and will be an invaluable reference source... @source:Journal of the Society of Environmental Engineers @qu:It provides an excellent survey of the development on the subject... @source:Applied Mechanics Reviews